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Classic Sonic Improvement Mod Generations Edition

A Mod for Sonic Generations


Version 6.2 8mo
  • Adjustment Removed the weird lipstick like effect the model had. (which the original gens model had as well)
  • Adjustment Other minor graphical tweaks.
  • Tweak Re-added a dash panel to the first loop in City Escape to improve flow.
Version 6.1 8mo BugFix3 Version 6 8mo Adjustment BugFix Improvement Version 5 (Anti Improvement Suckage Edition) 9mo Addition Improvement2 Adjustment2 Tweak BugFix2 Version 4 1y Addition Improvement2 BugFix

Classic boi!

The aim of this mod is to improve Classic Sonic's gameplay in Generations. Note that this doesn't mean he was bad in the original game. This mod simply makes some tweaks and changes to make him play more like one would expect.

Here's a list of some of the changes.
  • Classic Sonic more closely resembles his renders.
  • Classic Sonic controls more like the classic games.
  • His jump is lighter.
  • Spindash is nerfed to feel more like the classic games. (OP SPINDASH IS OPTIONAL!)
  • Sonic is much less prone to uncurling after spindashing / rolling.
  • Rolling feels more like the classics and can even keep speed down steep slopes.
  • Springs function more like the classic games.
  • Shield monitors are actually present as power ups within stages.
  • Removed a lot of scripting.
  • Super Sonic is faster.
  • Some (personally) unfitting elements in stages have been altered. Such as the realistic birds being replaced with the more fitting flickies.
  • Various other changes!

There are a few different versions to choose from. One of which is a version with absolutely no graphical changes so you can play with that if you don't want any of those! Another version is what is essentially an override for the original game's OP spindash. Load that first in the mod loader to use the op spindash. If that doesn't work try moving "" from the disk/bb3 folder (from the op spindash override) into the same folder for the actual mod to replace it manually.

To use this mod alongside custom stages then try loading the custom stage mod first in the mod loader. It should overwrite any files it needs to function. Note that there's no guarantee that stage mods will work 100% as intended unless they were designed with this mod in mind though its not like anyone ever makes Classic Sonic stages anyways.


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  • Spidergrear avatar
    Spidergrear Joined 2mo ago
    328 points Ranked 50743rd
    access_time 36min
    Why the flickies animations on rooftop run are broken?
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  • Breeze765 avatar
    Breeze765 Joined 11mo ago
    access_time 5hr
    Is there a way to only get the graphical improvements?
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  • sonicthehedgehog5090 avatar
    275 points Ranked 52775th
    5 medals 1 rare
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    • 1 year a member Medal icon
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    access_time 1mo
    This mod aint working for me i tried everything, can anybody help me i really wanna try this mod
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  • SilverSpireZ avatar
    SilverSpireZ Joined 4y ago
    82 points Ranked 56615th
    access_time 2mo
    Nice work so far! It seems like most of the issues people are having are related to the springs. One I just noticed is that the spring just before the first checkpoint in GHZ (the one that shoots up just after the large set of rings) doesn't go high enough to reach the cliff. (Hopefully that's specific enough. I can't upload images yet.) But I'm liking where this is going, and I much prefer this even though I still like Classic in vanilla Gens.
    Hedgehog Enthusiast avatar
    Hedgehog Enthusiast
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  • NeoKat avatar
    NeoKat Joined 3y ago
    384 points Ranked 48851st
    access_time 3mo
    How do I remove the ranking/score changes?
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  • Paynamia avatar
    Paynamia username pic Joined 11y ago
    7,745 points Ranked 840th
    14 medals 1 legendary 1 rare
    • 10 years a member Medal icon
    • 6 years a member Medal icon
    • Reached 1,000 Points Medal icon
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    • 6 months a member Medal icon
    • 1 year a member Medal icon
    access_time 4mo edit 4mo
    This definitely makes classic Sonic feel better to play, but it does still break some things, only missions so far. The only one that's extremely broken, as far as I can tell, is the skateboard one in City Escape.
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  • access_time 5mo
    You've done great work with this mod, but there's still a couple things that feel off. Specifically the Insta-Shield/Twin-Spin Attack abd the Bubble Shield. Probably the Fire Shield too, but I haven't found one yet. They don't badnik bounce. And the Insta-Shield doesn't give Sonic any invincibility frames. The model and animation for the Bubble Shield is also awful, but that's out of scope.

    I'm not sure how possible this would be to fix these, but it would go a long way into fixing the game for good.
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  • access_time 6mo
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  • DeathCold avatar
    DeathCold Joined 2y ago
    12,705 points Ranked 480th
    23 medals 7 rare
    • Became a Game Pioneer Medal icon
    • Submitted 20 Maps Medal icon
    • Submitted 50 GUIs Medal icon
    • Submitted 50 Skins Medal icon
    • Submitted 5 Tools Medal icon
    • Submitted 20 Gamefiles Medal icon
    access_time 8mo edit 8mo
    Now Classic Sonic plays cool and all, but i have a problems with the camera on Speed Highway level for both Modern and Classic Sonic. It just messes up and shows me wrong angle, and thus i don't know where i should go. 
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  • access_time 8mo
    I'm absolutely loving the work you're putting into this mod, especially the elemental shields within the actual levels! I also like how this mod makes getting S ranks harder in a way too. I do have two gripes though: the spindash works differently in city escape than in the other levels. It takes longer to charge, even while holding the x button. Also, on a smaller note, some loops aren't feasible to pass through when just running instead of spindashing. Was this an oversight? Some examples I can think of are the first loop after the first gun truck chase sequence and the first loop in planet wisp. I'm not sure if this can be fixed because increasing sonic's speed with mess with other stuff. In any case, I just thought that I should let you know.
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