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  • Addition Hey guys! Thanks to my man @x.ander_519, I've been able to replace the voice files in the afs file!
  • Addition Aaaaand yasss, this will be included in the new update!
  • Amendment However, I might need to delay the release until 21/12/18, as I have a few more textures to fix and I really need to explore the rest of the voice files.
  • Say WHAAATTT?! Yeah. You read that right. HD City Escape is coming soon! Told you I'd be changing the textures. 2.1CE is gonna be a banger!
  • Addition HD textures for City Escape (including updated posters and new skybox textures). My first ever stage retexture. And it looks noice!
  • Improvement City Escape now plays 2 versions of 'Lost Valley' from Sonic Forces - the original, and then with an edited intro for when you respawn after dying.
  • Addition All-new Generations HUD!
  • Improvement Green Hill SFX for Sonic have been updated with Classic Sonic's sounds from Generations
  • Adjustment Green Hill now plays 'Faded Hills' instead of 'Green Hill Act 2'
  • Improvement Changed some sounds in White Jungle
  • Addition Changed environment sounds for Sonic's part of Cannon's Core.
  • Addition Cannon's Core 3 is now 'Mortar Canyon' and CC 4 is 'Network Terminal - Interior'
  • Addition Added 2 new voice clips for Sonic so it's no longer playing placeholders (placeholders being Roger's voice clips when picking and throwing stuff)
  • Addition Chaos Control sound effects and Mystic Melody sounds have been updated to modern Chaos Emerald SFX
  • Improvement Quite a lot more changes, but I cba listing them.
  • Improvement Edited the ending credits song for the Last Story, so it fits a 4 minute 30 second timescale.
  • Look out below for the text in green. That indicates other changes I'll be making to this mod.
  • Still looking for the file rail grinding particle effects are in
  • 2.1CE/2.2b will be releasing on 13/12/18. An early Christmas present from me to you!
  • Addition Oh, and the Kart racing SFX has been changed! A few cars now play the sound of the BMW M3 GTR from NFS Carbon, and Knuckles’ plays the sound of a Mazdaspeed 3 from NFS Carbon. Wind SFX have also been changed, along side with some dialogue changed too! Kart racing just became way cooler now!
HD City Escape & Improved Generations HUD 18d
WELCOME THE THE NEXT LEVEL of Sonic Adventure 2 modding. 

Modern Sonic Adventure 2: Cinematic Edition includes all-new content, including new in-game voice clips, sound effects, music and textures. Music from Destiny 2, Assassin's Creed Unity, Syndicate and Origins, Shadow the Hedgehog, Sonic Unleashed, Sonic Generations, Sonic Forces and other sources have been implemented into the game! Don't worry, it's still the same high quality content that you all expect. It's just way more better now!

This mod has been split into two versions to appeal to everyone; those who only want new textures, and those who want the full thing. 

Modern SADX download:

Did I mention that this is the world's first public SA2 mod to feature voice clip changes and an SFX overhaul? Nope? Well, it's true!
More changes coming in the future!
-2P sound changes not included... yet*-
*Common SFX (including the new rail-grinding sounds) have been implemented into the Action Race Battles! I'm not changing the voices in 2P case people prefer the original voice cast and character sounds over the modern sounds. This will be available when 2.1 CE rolls out!
With that outta the way, enjoy!

Voice Changes
It's basically the entire 4Kids cast, except for Tails, as I found his 4Kids voice highly annoying. So in this mod, Tails uses his current voice (Sonic Lost World to now). However, for some weird reason, Tails and Eggman's new voices can't be heard in the Chao Garden, and only in their mech stages. Honestly, I have no idea why this even happens. And yes, I've also made the same changes to the two files 'c_b03_ewe/twe' and it S T I L L doesn't work. So, just a quick disclaimer to avoid any questions about why their new voice clips won't play outside of regular stages*
Music Changes
Stage BGM
City Escape 1 and 3- City Escape Act 2 (Sonic Generations) WILL BE LOST VALLEY IN 2.1CE*
City Escape 2- Mad Convoy Race (Sonic Generations) SUBJECT TO CHANGE*
Crazy Gadget- Crazy Gadget (Turns out it's from Mario & Sonic at the 2012 London Olympic Games)
Death Chamber- The 'lost' version restored (initially scrapped for SA2)
Final Rush- Eggmanland- Day (Sonic Unleashed)
Green Hill (hidden stage)- Green Hill Act 2 (Sonic Generations) WILL BE FADED HILLS*
Green Forest- Jungle Joyride (Sonic Unleashed)
Hidden Base- Arid Sands (Night) (Sonic Unleashed)
Metal Harbour- That's The Way I Like It... For Metal Harbour (Sonic Adventure Music Experience)
Mission Street- Empire City (Day) (Sonic Unleashed) 
Pyramid Cave- Arid Sands (Day) (Sonic Unleashed)
Radical Highway- Radical Highway Act 2 (Sonic Generations 3DS)
Radical Highway will be changed to the Westopolis Remix from Sonic Forces*
Sky Rail- Mr. Unsmiley... for Sky Rail (Sonic Adventure Music Experience)
White Jungle- Eggman's Facility (Sonic Forces - OST version)
Lost Colony- Lost Impact (Shadow the Hedgehog)
Final Chase- The Ark (Shadow the Hedgehog)
Kart Racing- Metropolitan Highway (Sonic Forces)*
Event 1- Superhuman Damned (Assassin's Creed 3 E3 trailer theme) EDIT
Event 1 (Let's Make It! - Hero Story's first cutscene) Will be changed to A Hero Falls from Sonic Forces*
Event 2- Between Day and Night (Shadow the Hedgehog)
Event 3- Indestructible (Moon and Sun)
Event 4 (Sonic and Shadow before they duel) has been lowered by 3 d.b so you can actually here them. You're welcome :)
Event 5 (Hero Story ending scene)- Nothing Can Contain Us (Sonic Forces)*
Event 8- Unity (Track 01) (Assassin's Creed Unity)
Event 9- A Sacrifice To Save You (Efisio Cross) - for Shadow and Maria Cutscenes
Event 10 (Madness - Before they go all Super Saiyan)- Sun of Despair (Sonic Forces)*
Event 12 (Chaos Control - Last Story Ending scene)- Valor and Wonder (Sonic Forces)*

Event 13 (Last Story ending/credits)- Journey, featuring Kronos Quartet (Destiny 2 OST- Track 11)
This song also overlaps the Main Theme 'Live and Learn', so that won't be heard. It also creates a more sadistic and dramatic ending due to Shadow's 'death'.
Multiplayer Stages BGM
City Escape/Downtown Race- City Escape Act 2 (Sonic Generations)
Grind Race- Arsenal Pyramid 1 (Sonic Forces)
Metal Harbour- That's The Way I Like It... For Metal Harbour (Sonic Adventure Music Experience)
Radical Highway- Radical Highway Act 1 (Sonic Generations 3DS)
White Jungle- Eggman's Facility (Sonic Forces - OST version) 
Menu BGM
Title- Theme of the Resistance (Title Screen ver.) (Sonic Forces)
Menu select- The Resistance Theme (Sonic Forces)
Story Select- World Map 1 (Sonic Forces)
Stage Select- The World Adventure (Sonic Unleashed)
Options- Bloodlines (AC Syndicate) and AC Origins Main Theme
2P Battle Select- Multiplayer Theme (Black Ops 4 )
Tutorial- Ezio's family (Origins Version) (Assassin's Creed Origins)
Invincible- Endless Possibilities (as requested by MSZ Corp.) for CE
Speed Up- Fist Bump for Null Space EDIT (Sonic Forces)
Timer (Drowning)- Drowning (Sonic Colours)
Continue/Game Over- Will You Continue (Sonic Generations) + Continue (Sonic Runners)
Boss Battles
Boss GUN Mobile- Boss: Blue Falcon (ShadOW ThE HeDgEhog)
Tails vs. Eggman- For the Damaged Coda (ties in with cutscene events)
(Boss02) Egg Golem- vs. Dark Gaia (Sonic Unleashed)*
(Boss02A) King Boom Boo- Battle with Death Queen (Sonic Forces)*
Boss 4 (Sonic vs. Shadow in Green Forest/White Jungle)- vs. Metal Sonic (US Remix) (Sonic Forces)*
Sonic vs. Shadow- For True Story (Sonic Adventure 2) - A higher quality version 
This is in red because I've fixed the issue in which it has too much treble. So I've added like 2-3 dB of bass in there so it sounds way better*
Biolizard- Supporting Me (Sonic Forces, Episode Shadow DLC, for Virtual Reality- Green Hill)
Finalhazard- vs. Dark Gaia (Sonic Unleashed) (this unfortunately replaces the Main Theme for the game, as SA2 uses the final boss as the theme song)
Finalhazard will be changed to the Death Egg Robot [Phase 3] theme from Sonic Forces*
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  • WarpShade avatar
    WarpShade Joined 6d ago
    Hi Ive been using your mod for some time and somthing quite bugs me about using a Xbox 360 controller with your PS Buttons So I was wondering if you could make a version or customizable option that lets us pick our buttons we prefer Xbox or PlayStation. Thanks for your  mod and have been anticipating for the map release.
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  • GBA64 avatar
    GBA64 Joined 2y ago
    The crash when exiting a stage or finishing it usually happens when you try to redirrect a whole new Pak archive when a pak file already exists in the main directory. Be sure to edit from the game's existing pak if one already exists in the files. If a pak for textures does not exist, use gvmtopak to make a new one. Take your edited textures, unpack an existing pak that you want to edit, place your edited textures inside the unpacked folder, then repack.
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  • Thank you so much for the update !! :D
    Love the Mods
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  • Anonymous
    You will retexture tha stages?
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  • Keep the good job !
    Love the Mods
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  • seriously try some thing new

    URL to post:
  • again nice rip off here is the original
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Creator of Modern SA2, polisher of SAG 2!
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One of the Original Creators
Sonic Team
Creators of Sonic the Hedgehog
That Weird Person
That Weird Person Joined 6mo ago
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Allowed me to use his HD Eggman texture for this mod. I now know how Eggman’s textures work*
x.ander_519 Joined 2mo ago
106 points Ranked 30326th
Sent me the extracted files from event_e_adx.afs! Voice changes wouldn't be possible on this mod without him! Show him some love people :D
Rinmaru Joined 4y ago
A.k.a- LastBreath on Discord. Helped me colour correct Sonic's textures and helped me a l o t with his suggestions! *ahem* brow bumps for the characters
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Also helped me with the same things LastBreath did!
GBA64 Joined 2y ago
Helped me understand SFX editing for SA2! And for allowing me to use his Original GHZ SFX mod!
Special Thanks To...
For downloading/viewing or reviewing this mod! Thank you so much guys! Your suggestions really help shape the future of this mod!
MSZ Corp.
MSZ Corp. Joined 4mo ago
For requesting and helping me to implement Unleashed music.
Everyone who's helped
Seriously, if it wasn't for any of these guys who helped me, this mod wouldn't be able to showcase what it's actually capable of!


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Development Info

Made using Adobe Photoshop and Google (for obvious reasons)

YouTube to MP3 converter (320 kbps)
Goldwave - For converting it into WMA 10 and then a WAV
Audacity - For mixing some tracks (like the start of the original Metal Harbour and implementing that into the modern version)
ADX Converter
ADX Player

And of course, my brain.
Work in Progress
Modern SA2 (WiP)


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