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  • Addition Encore Mode got new music on all stages, separate from Mania Mode! Also, all 7 special stages in Mania Mode have unique songs.
  • Addition Boom Sonic got a "super form", which makes his scarf glow! He still turns yellow when together with modern Sonic.
  • Addition Boom Sonic also got shaded similar to the Mania style. Not perfect, but I think it looks nice.
  • Addition Modern Sonic got a new air walk animation, and a (vastly) improved victory animation. Also, a new Chemical Plant intro... yet again.
  • Addition The Hydrocity Act 2 boss has been fully restored, with music and all.
  • Tweak A few sprite corrections/improvements for modern Super Sonic.
  • Addition Bad Future palettes are still a work in progress, currently Green Hill and Chemical Plant are the most accurate to what I intend the final level to look like.
  • Improvement Shading applied to 1up icons, goal posts and the like.
  • BugFix Temporary fix for Super Sonic "Twister" animation.

This is just a smaller update that fixes a lot of things (and also breaks a lot of things smh), or generally improves upon things.
I'm especially proud of the new victory animation for modern Sonic, which references a certain Nintendo game with one too many Fire Emblem characters...

Encore music works to my knowledge 100%, as I've played through it all to see if everything works. The Puyo and HBH Studiopolis Act 1 music doesn't work currently, and Mischief theme might be possible.

Beware of Encore Mode bugs, such as random crashing when switching characters (I noticed this only in Metallic Madness and Titanic Monarch however), as well as the Encore mode ending straight up crashing the game.

Anyway, this might be the last update before 2019 so Merry Christmas (or whatever you celebrate) and a Happy New Year!

1.5 - A Snazzy Performance 10d
  • BugFix Fixed odd Tails bug in the Angel Island Intro
1.4 Fix 2mo

Hedgehogs of Time (H.o.T)

Phew, it's H.o.T in here.

Read the instructions on how to play this mod.

What IS H.o.T?
The playable characters in H.o.T are modern Sonic, classic Sonic and Boom Sonic, all having smooth frames and unique animations. It also changes the Hard Boiled Heavies into super original characters. Mania Plus adds Mr Needlemouse and King Sonic as well!

You can find a full list of changes below.

Huge thanks to haloarbiter117 for helping me with the original rom hacks this is based on, and continuing to do so with this re-imagining. The majority of his ideas helped shape this mod.

What this mod changes in Mania:

Modern Sonic replaces Sonic.

Classic Sonic replaces Knuckles. 

Boom Sonic replaces Tails.

King Sonic with a sword replaces Mighty.

Mr. Needlemouse replaces Ray.

All music is changed, some SFX is changed.

Shadow replaces Metal Sonic. Silver/Mecha Sonic from Sonic 2 (16-bit) replaces Eggman.

The Hardboiled Heavies are replaced by the Hardboiled Hedgehogs (OCS based off the HBH in Sonic form). Yes, this part is super serious. The OCS are: Zero the Artificial Hedgehog, Jenny the Hedgehog, David the Greedy Hedgehog, Donut Steel, Pontes with his bike Jerry.

Including other changes.

Mod related questions and answers:

What does H.o.T stand for? Where did the mod originate from?
H.o.T is short for Hedgehogs of Time, and the mod is based off of my old awful hacks for Sonic 2 and 3, I called them Generations 2 and 3 respectively. I decided to go with a slightly more original name.

Can I use parts of this mod for my own mod?
Yes, but please ask for permission and state which part you want to use for your own mod. I see too many people taking mods and stating it as their own work all over the Internet. Please try to be original, don't just copy and paste mine. That's really lazy.
Give credit to me for the edited sprites, and the creators for the original sprites. 

In short: ask for permission, try to be original and give credit.
That's all I ask for.

Can you add Adventure/Dreamcast Sonic as a playable character into the mod?
There could be several arguments about whether or not Dreamcast Sonic is modern Sonic, but no.

Mr. Needlemouse is just a shorter Sonic, and he has a nose. Why?
I prefer the design I went with. I did try with the classic Needlemouse design, but I didn't like it.
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Finish King Sonic - Light Mobius (Mighty) Small changes to level design in every level Excalibur Sonic Super form for King Sonic (if and when it's possible) Find separate songs for the HBH Add Shading to Modern Sonic Improve Silver Sonic animations Classic Sonic needs to climb FASTER. Fix Modern Sonic CS Rotation sprites. Make every animation smoother for all five Sonics. Super palette fix for classic Sonic, hopefully for Mr Needlemouse as well. Fix Green eyes for the small continue sprites Finish Bad Future Level Palettes Everything in the Cutscene folder Encore Ending Replace Metal Sonic Kai with something Add Shading to Classic Sonic Good ending Fix encore ending crash, and random crash when switching character
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Mod Creator
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Animation support, general help and advice, concept art
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Title Screen Logo
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Mod. Gen Project Team
Modern Sonic Sprites
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Modified Sprites
SEGA/Sonic Team
Original Sonic 3 & Knuckles Sprites
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Sonic 3XP Rotation Sprites
Sonic 3 Custom Sprites
The True Sonic 3 Complete Sprite Sheet
Shadow Sprites/Super Sonic quills/hair
Noob Modder13
Noob Modder13 Joined 1y ago
606 points Ranked 8362nd
Some of the Super Sonic poses/sprites
Silver/Mecha Sonic Sprites
Sonic Boom 1-up Icon
Sprites used for King Sonic/Boom
Metal Sonic sprites
Sonic Chaos Remake Team
Boom running sprites
Thin Crust
Fawkes the Fox
Ryouhei Fujieda
Yuki Sugiura
Kengo Tokusashi
Motoi Sakuraba
Go Shiina
Nakamura Kazuhiro
Shinji Tamura
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"Reach out to the truth" Persona 4 Rock Cover
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Teruhiko Nakagawa
Yutaka Minobe
Richard Jacques
Howard Drossin
Tommy Tallarico
Final Fantasy VI
Kefka Laugh
Jahn Davis
Logan Frye
Art Renders
Sonic Mania Adventures


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