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TF2 Bot Overhaul

A Mod for Team Fortress 2


Version 16 - 5th Anniversary Update! 6mo
  • Addition The training menu can now allow players to determine the bot quota again!
  • Addition Engineer bots can now upgrade teleporters.
  • Addition Engineer bots now support other gamemodes. (like ctf though its a bit rough around the edges rn)
  • Addition Added support for the Cow Mangler's special abilities and the Beggar's Bazooka.
  • Addition Bots now play as more aggressive classes if they're getting stomped.
  • Addition Bots will now use weapon reskins without reducing the chance of actual stat-based weapons getting used.
  • Addition Added a gamemode checker that will unload unnecessary plugins.
  • Improvement MVM support is improved for Singleplayer.
  • Improvement Lots of other bot improvements that I can't mention out of laziness.
  • Optimization Improved performance and optimized many other general aspects of the mod.
  • Removal Removal of the botmanager system which is replaced with the normal tf_bot_quota stuff again.
  • BugFix The horrific engie shooting sentry bug should be fixed for the most part.
  • BugFix Fixed an issue that made servers not show up in the server browser.
  • BugFix Fixed a lot of other issues I can't remember right now.
  • Improvement Various other improvements.
It's been 5 years since the initial release of this thing. And if I remember correctly I was working on it at least a full year before that so it's been about 6 years since my initial obsession with improving the tfbots.

Some would say that's amazing, others would say that's it's sad. In a way both are true. But whatever. Download it if u want or some shit. Make sure you join the discord server for beta releases of the mod. You could see some stuff months in advance.

Version 15.1 1y Addition2 Optimization BugFix Version 15 - Merry Smissmas 1y Addition15 Improvement7 BugFix Version 14.1 2y BugFix Version 14 - Back and better than ever! 2y Improvement2 Addition6 BugFix3

A Mod that can make offline play so much more fun!

This Mod Features...

Bot Tweaks

  • Bots act more like real players when noticing spies.
  • Bots switch classes to keep others from being overused.
  • Bots prefer to go for health packs more often.
  • Bots search farther for ammo.
  • Medic bots move around more often and try to stick close to their patient.
  • Sniper bots look for better spots more close to the action.
  • Sniper bots aim more realistically.
  • Engineer bots build in more reliable spots.
  • And various other changes.

Many Supported Gamemodes

  • Attack / Defend
  • Capture The Flag
  • Control Points
  • King Of The Hill
  • Medieval Mode
  • Payload
  • Payload Race
  • Player Destruction
  • Robot Destruction
  • Special Delivery
  • Training

Unlockable Weapons / Cosmetics For Bots

  • Bots spawn with random weapons that they support.
  • Certain weapons such as the sandvich are not supported.
  • Bots also spawn with random cosmetics.

Almost Full Support For Dedicated Servers

  • Issues that aren't seen offline are present on dedicated servers.
  • Said issues sometimes depend on the way the server is set up.
  • I can't test dedicated servers so I can't guarantee assistance in getting it working.

Community Maps

The Bot Overhaul supports quite a few community maps and there are plans to support even more in the future. There is a workshop section dedicated entirely to community created maps and gamemodes that can be played with enhanced bots.

Lite Version

This version of the mod is essentially a watered down version of the Bot Overhaul but much more compatible. It generally supports less features and improvements but might be better for some people. This mod isn't fully supported for Mac and Linux systems so this one is more ideal for those users. Also, if you absolutely cannot get the normal version to work at all then this one is guaranteed to work. The installation is a bit different. You only have to install this version the same way as part 1 and that's it. No extra steps. Some differences include the following.

  • No custom weapons or cosmetics.
  • Bot ai is worse than the normal version.
  • Bots support less maps / gamemodes.

How To Install

Be sure to check out some of my other mods.

Check out our steam group / discord to be informed of new updates!

Click here to join our steam group!

Click here to join our discord group!

YOU MUST DOWNLOAD BOTH PARTS! THEY ARE SPLIT INTO SEPARATE LINKS! Modboy might work with Part 1 / Lite but definitely doesn't work for Part 2. Follow the tutorial for the best way to install this mod.


Dependencies and prerequisites required to use this Game file


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  • bots doesn't use cosmetics/chat/improvised bots, is it because im playing on mac os or smth else?
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  • eres un genio
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  • Taras_F97 avatar
    Taras_F97 Joined 7mo ago
    405 points Ranked 49,683rd
    Can we expect to see something similar for Black Mesa multiplayer mode? Cause after 1.5 release bots remains the same - randomly running and doing nothing :|
    fookin' laser sights
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  • 2mo 2mo
    for some reason the bots are not using hats and weapons anymore, before i update it they were working just fine

    Edit: things just got even worse, now the bots are working as in Vanilla TF2 (don't speak in chat, keeps changing their names in the start of each match, don't use weapons or hats), also each time i open a server i have to wait the "waiting for players" to turn off, what happened to this happen?
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  • Rendurse avatar
    Rendurse username pic Joined 3y ago
    1,634 points Ranked 22,155th
    12 medals 1 legendary 1 rare
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    Is there a way to force the bots to a certain class?
    Mister Lazy
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  • jakadak avatar
    jakadak Joined 2y ago
    13 points Ranked 73,608th
    thank you so much
    URL to post:
  • For some reason, the Bot Overhaul decided to stop working on my end. It was working a day ago with no problems & now it just uses the default Bot Program, they no longer spawn with Cosmetics & Other weapons, they do not function on PLR or MvM (on MvM, it adds 13 bots instead of the casual 5 with the addition of none of them attacking Robots nor move except medics & Robots do not spawn), and much more. 

    Is it just me or is there more people experiencing this issue?
    URL to post:
  • Great mod. Only problem I have is that it sometimes crashes the game if I have the loadout screen open on a win or lose game screen... Is that a known problem? also the game allows me to earn achievements... sometimes... so that kinda is a plus. But great mod nonetheless. only problem is that sometimes the bots T-pose and don't attack. it commonly happens with medics and demoknights.
    URL to post:
  • nickvk avatar
    nickvk Joined 1y ago
    Asking a question: what if TF2 is installed on the different hard drive, other than C:? Will it work then? And if it won't, how can I fix that?
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  • This reminds me more of a story mode feeling.
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Other Awesome Dudes
Made Bot Support.
Ultimate Luki
Created the BWR plugin. I only modified it. A great modder that deserves credit. (
Everyone else behind SourceMod and its addons
Amazing Community of developers that make great addons for free. (
Read the readme for more specific credits.


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