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TF2 Bot Overhaul

A Mod for Team Fortress 2

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Version 14.1 8mo
  • BugFix Fixed not being able to call for medic.
You only need to re-download "Part 2" to get this fix.
Version 14 - Back and better than ever! 8mo Improvement2 Addition6 BugFix3 Version 13 10mo Addition Improvement2 Version 12 1y Adjustment2 BugFix Removal Improvement Version 11.1 1y BugFix

A Mod that can make offline play so much more fun!

This Mod Features...

Bot Tweaks

  • Bots act more like real players when noticing spies.
  • Bots switch classes to keep others from being overused.
  • Bots prefer to go for health packs more often.
  • Bots search farther for ammo.
  • Medic bots move around more often and try to stick close to their patient.
  • Sniper bots look for better spots more close to the action.
  • Sniper bots aim more realistically.
  • Engineer bots build in more reliable spots.
  • And various other changes.

Many Supported Gamemodes

  • Attack / Defend
  • Capture The Flag
  • Control Points
  • King Of The Hill
  • Medieval Mode
  • Payload
  • Payload Race
  • Player Destruction
  • Robot Destruction
  • Special Delivery
  • Training

Unlockable Weapons / Cosmetics For Bots

  • Bots spawn with random weapons that they support.
  • Certain weapons such as the sandvich are not supported.
  • Bots also spawn with random cosmetics.

Almost Full Support For Dedicated Servers

  • Issues that aren't seen offline are present on dedicated servers.
  • Said issues sometimes depend on the way the server is set up.
  • I can't test dedicated servers so I can't guarantee assistance in getting it working.

Community Maps

The Bot Overhaul supports quite a few community maps and there are plans to support even more in the future. There is a workshop section dedicated entirely to community created maps and gamemodes that can be played with enhanced bots.

Lite Version

This version of the mod is essentially a watered down version of the Bot Overhaul but much more compatible. It generally supports less features and improvements but might be better for some people. This mod isn't fully supported for Mac and Linux systems so this one is more ideal for those users. Also, if you absolutely cannot get the normal version to work at all then this one is guaranteed to work. The installation is a bit different. You only have to install this version the same way as part 1 and that's it. No extra steps. Some differences include the following.

  • No custom weapons or cosmetics.
  • Bot ai is worse than the normal version.
  • Bots support less maps / gamemodes.

How To Install

Bug Reports

Please report any issues here!

Some Bot related commands are broken or slightly harder to work with when using this mod though everything should remain functional for the most part. If you want to mess around with bots then look at the "Read Me" for more info.

Be sure to check out some of my other mods.

Check out our steam group / discord to be informed of new updates!

Click here to join our steam group!

Click here to join our discord group!

YOU MUST DOWNLOAD BOTH PARTS! THEY ARE SPLIT INTO SEPARATE LINKS! Modboy might work with Part 1 / Lite but definitely doesn't work for Part 2. Follow the tutorial for the best way to install this mod.



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  • access_time 8d
    Everytime I load a server TF2 crashes, help?
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  • access_time 10d edit 10d
    Mod has been working great, but I've noticed a very common bug that has been happening recently. Sometimes, the Medic bots will have an invisible weapon they can't attack or heal with. They hold it like the Medigun and will either follow teammates or walk away from enemies. It seems to happen regardless of what loadout the Medic bot has. Also, a few of the cosmetics seem to be broken and invisible, making the bot mostly invisible too. There's also a bug that's actaully a regular TFBot bug that was introduced recently, where Demomen bots will not attack and instead rapidly switch between their primary and secondary weapons. Valve patched it but it came back after a few days, but not as common.

    It is possible to get Engineer bots working on Capture the Flag, but only barely. The map must have a control point hidden somewhere for them to actually work (you can place it outside the map so nobody can get to it). Of course, that means you'll need to have access to the map's .vmf files as well.
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  • Mandrew avatar
    Mandrew Joined 3y ago
    25 points Ranked 43481st
    access_time 13d
    You guys are doing great with this mod! However, there are some things that I would like you to change/add.

    1. Everything that BlueRaptor said

    2. On truce in a boss battle, make it to where bots don't waste their time attacking each other.

    3. Fix the bots being broken in hell in helltower.

    Right now I am leaving an 8/10, however, this mod is great and I am having some fun with it.
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  • MEDWINN avatar
    MEDWINN Joined 8mo ago
    access_time 1mo
    Do I need to have metamod source for this? 
    URL to post:
  • BlueRaptor avatar
    BlueRaptor Joined 4y ago
    726 points Ranked 42666th
    access_time 1mo edit 1mo
    This mod is great, with this mod you won't get bored of offline gameplay and can have fun playing Offline casual but sadly the bots aren't all perfect and would need a lot of fixes or modifications to help them be better.

    1. On Attack/Defend, BLU team will mostly lose cause of RED tightening their Defense around the last point, this makes the player on BLU team struggle a bit with the BLU bots cause they won't be more aggressive or hit targets that are a big threat or attack at the same time, mostly retreating instead of grouping as well. BLU should be fixed up to where if the defense is tight they regroup for a massive assault or try to distract them so more BLU Bots respawn and join the others for the attack.
    2. The spies should be fixed to where they won't just look at a enemy and stand completely, this would cause big problems on Attack/Defend where a BLU spy would look at a enemy then die without doing anything even if there's a sentry in the area.
    3. The engineers need to be edited to where they can make level 3 teleporters, it's annoying to see a Engineer bot build a teleport but leave it at level 1 while his Sentry and dispenser are at level 3.
    4. Fix tf_bot_quota (somehow?) to where doing 32 won't make the game 12v11 or 12v8.
    5. Fix the bots to where they will use different classes (I don't want 6 Bots using soldier on my team when I play payload)
    I know I'm asking much and source limitation is a thing but overtime I wish this can be done and all the bugs currently being listed are fixed. I highly recommend this mod and would give it a 7/10, it will be a 8/10 once everything is done. So if you want your offline to not be boring with stock playermodels or stock weapons. then this is the mod for it. And yes I know someone may find this review dumb cause of what I want edited, but I can understand the limitation of source if that happens.
    URL to post:
  • kirkhammer96 avatar
    kirkhammer96 Joined 2mo ago
    access_time 2mo
    Everything is working fine but for some reason the shortcuts don have no icons, its not gamebreaking its just that its triggering meh intensify oeh ce de 
    URL to post:
  • access_time 2mo
    Bots wont respawn.
    Right now im trying to put bots againsed eachother in a 6v6 match, However they arent respawning. idk what do and what causes it

    URL to post:
  • access_time 2mo
    This mod doesn't seem to work with Mann Vs Machine maps through Practice.
    URL to post:
  • access_time 2mo
    i am very sad
    it only work first time i instal this mod
    next day i wanted to only stock and no cosmetic and bot no chat only thing was ui was different how fix
    URL to post:
  • Sniphaa avatar
    Sniphaa Joined 3y ago
    access_time 2mo
    When I install the mod:
    -I open up the Singleplayer client
    -I open a game through the console
    -The bots join automatically
    -The bots are normal bots, nothing special
    -I get bored and uninstall the mod

    (For clarification, I have tried -insecure, to no avail, and have installed the mod before, successfully. I have no idea how to get the mod working again, as the mod does not seem to work for anyone else. Please help.)
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