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  • Adjustment Updated the mod to be compatible with the newest TF2 update.
  • BugFix Fixed broken beta features such as "Bots use melee more often".
  • Adjustment Beta maps / features can now be enabled without a patch.
  • Removal Removed old beta features that aren't supported by this version yet.
  • Improvement Various other improvements.

For more info on the beta stuff, click here.

Version 12 4mo 2
  • BugFix Fixed an issue that made Suijin unable to be loaded. Thanks to FLAME for the report!

Click here! To download the hotfix update. Remember, this is a patch to version 11 of the mod. Download that first and then add this patch to fix this issue. You don't have to redownload v11 if you already had it.

Version 11.1 6mo

A Mod that can make offline play so much more fun!

This Mod Features...

Bot Tweaks

  • Bots act more like real players when noticing spies.
  • Bots switch classes to keep others from being overused.
  • Bots prefer to go for health packs more often.
  • Bots search farther for ammo.
  • Medic bots move around more often and try to stick close to their patient.
  • Sniper bots look for better spots more close to the action.
  • Sniper bots aim more realistically.
  • Engineer bots build in more reliable spots.
  • And various other changes.

Many Supported Gamemodes

  • Attack / Defend
  • Capture The Flag
  • Control Points
  • King Of The Hill
  • Medieval Mode
  • Mann vs. Machine
  • Payload
  • Payload Race
  • Player Destruction
  • Robot Destruction
  • Special Delivery
  • Training

Unlockable Weapons / Cosmetics For Bots

  • Bots spawn with random weapons that they support.
  • Certain weapons such as the sandvich are not supported.
  • Bots also spawn with random cosmetics.

Almost Full Support For Dedicated Servers

  • Issues that aren't seen offline are present on dedicated servers.
  • Said issues sometimes depend on the way the server is set up.
  • I can't test dedicated servers so I can't guarantee assistance in getting it working.

Community Maps

The Bot Overhaul supports quite a few community maps and there are plans to support even more in the future. There is a workshop section dedicated entirely to community created maps and gamemodes that can be played with enhanced bots.

Beta Features

By default some gamemodes and features are disabled because they're not ready to be a part of the final mod. You can play with these and help beta test them without downloading anything else. Expect bugs and and various other issues when using beta features.

Click here for more information.

How To Install

Bug Reports

Please report any issues here!

Some Bot related commands are broken or slightly harder to work with when using this mod though everything should remain functional for the most part. If you want to mess around with bots then look at the "Read Me" for more info.

Be sure to check out some of my other mods.

Check out our steam group / discord to be informed of new updates!

Click here to join our steam group!

Click here to join our discord group!


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  • BecNoir avatar
    BecNoir Joined 9d ago
    i try to make the bots spawn with random stuff it doesn't work and when i do nav_generate it sends me to a different map when i dont want to go to another map. make the mod easier to use otherwise its unusable and boring. and make a tutorial on HOW To make bots spawn with random stuff.  it isn't fair to let everyone spend weeks trying to find out
    URL to post:
  • GameFUCK avatar
    GameFUCK Joined 9d ago
    Help when i enter in the mod of tf2 bot overhaul mod i go to select a team and then  i pick a team and then the game crashes
    URL to post:
  • damnit_dolan avatar
    damnit_dolan Joined 10mo ago
    114 points Ranked 28940th
    I'm not sure on how exactly I set up the bot overhaul for a dedicated server?? How do I do it?
    URL to post:
  • Is there a way for the map starts with 24 bots by default? I can't change the bot count as usual instead I have to use a console to change the bot count. 
    The ruler of Australium Empire
    URL to post:
  • Anonymous
    thank so much working on this project keep up good work !

    map plr_bananabay need be fix load snipers and spy on blue team for servers
    URL to post:
  • Soldier_engie-demo avatar
    Soldier_engie-demo username pic Joined 11mo ago
    239 points Ranked 17698th
    7 medals 1 rare
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    Soldier_engie-demo avatar
    Soldier_engie-demo|team Flag
    I got the mod to work on Linux, I'll send the files for Part 2 if you want. Note that the mod has no difference from windows on Mac or Linux, if you do my process.

    My process was:
    Download Part 1 and 2 of bot mod.
    Download Linux (or Mac, if on Mac) versions of Metamod and Sourcemod.
    Download the TF2 dedicated server for your OS.
    In the dedicated_server_folder/bin/  (not dedicated_server_folder/tf/bin/) files, find the .so files (Or .dylib if you're on mac,  I think) in the bin folder that end with _srv (also _s, I think; but I'm not sure) and copy them into your own Team Fortress 2/bin folder. (not tf/bin/)
    then remove the .dll files still there from the Windows version of Bot Mod.

    The mod will work then, just fine.


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    • Thanks x 1
    :D avatar
    URL to post:
  • Been trying to install this with Modboy, but it just stays on unpacking. Is the file that big or?..
    URL to post:
  • Can't create game with bots in singleplayer.
    "steam must be launched in order to connect multiplayer servers"
    How can i fix it?
    URL to post:
  • mvm doesn't work ;-;
    URL to post:
  • Tgach avatar
    Tgach Joined 4mo ago
    4mo 4mo
    Hey there. It seems like another update has broken the mod at the moment. Single player shortcut works fine and the menu functions as normal. Once you get into a match however the bot names, weapons, cosmetics, and seemingly the behaviour too remains unchanged.

    I'm willing to admit if i've installed it incorrectly, but I don't think I have. All I had to do different was change the shortcut destination as my steam games are in a different location. I have tried setting the "-insecure" launch option in steam as well, but this didn't change anything.

    Looking forward to giving the mod a go. Seems like a great way to play maps that don't get any love online anymore.

    EDIT: For anyone experiencing the same thing as me. I contacted Showin who told me that it may be an issue that some people are having with sourcemod not working. For reference i'm 64 bit. I haven't found a solution but if I do i'll edit this again.
    URL to post:


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Ultimate Luki
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Everyone else behind SourceMod and its addons
Amazing Community of developers that make great addons for free. (


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