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Pokemon Sword/Shield EXTREME Randomizer Download

A Mod for Pokemon Sword & Shield


Version 2.0.3 2d
  • Adjustment Re-randomized Pokemon Trainers
  • Addition Pokemon Shield b1 now available
Pokemon Trainer levels were a little too high before. Trainers have been re-randomized with new Pokemon/Levels. b1 is also now available for Pokemon Shield. This build has no random Pokemon Evolution/Moves/Abilities.
Version 2.0.2 7d Addition Version 2.0.2 13d BugFix Addition Tweak Version 2.0.1 13d BugFix Addition Version 2.0 15d Overhaul Optimization Feature

Pokemon SWORD/SHIELD Randomizer Download

1. It is Important to Read All of The Detail Below

The latest update for Pokemon Sword/Shield is v1.2.0 (The Isle of Armor DLC). This randomizer should only work on update v1.2.0. If you try it on v1.1.1 (the update before The Isle of Armor), be aware that it may not work and will crash your game. Simply uninstall the randomizer to fix the crash. Also, randomizers built for v1.1.1 will not work on v1.2.0. It will also crash your game.

This is very important. Please read all the information below so you know what you are downloading.

  • This randomizer supports Pokemon Sword AND Pokemon Shield. Please read everything to understand how it works and how to get the proper files for your game.
  • Pokemon Sword support is prioritized over Pokemon Shield for the moment.
  • The Pokemon Shield randomizer will be updated to be more in line with Sword soon. Right now there is only 1 download available for Shield.
Also, If you are having issues, please take a look at some of the comments to see if your issue has already been resolved. There is a lot of valuable information here. 

Personally, I don't play Pokemon so I had to do A LOT of research before proceeding with this task of creating a randomizer.

The randomizers available online were great and all but, they were very lack luster and only randomized encounters which, I realized, can get boring after some time.

Fast forward a week later, I decided to create my own randomizer using pkNX. And I was successful after MANY crashes from failed attempts. READ BELOW for more.

NOTE: This randomizer is VERY random which means that it is also very HARD. Know what you're getting yourself into. You will probably have to do a lot of training and put a lot of time into it.


  • I do not plan on updating this FAR into the future (The Crown Tundra and thereafter). It will take time and consideration before I can do this.
  • Bugs should not be present in game. If you find some, then you can report it but keep in mind I do not know whether I will be fixing them or not.
  • This is available for Sword AND Shield. Shield is currently being updated to be more true to the Sword randomizer however, they are virtually the same.


This randomizes the following aspects of the game:

4. Wild Pokemon Encounters

  • All Routes/Wild Area randomized.
  • Legendary Pokemon available to spawn in almost every route.
  • Legendary Pokemon MAINLY have a greater chance to spawn in NORMAL WEATHER. (I did not check whether legendary Pokemon spawn in other types of weather, I'm sure they can but the odds are very low).
  • The odds of Legendary Pokémon spawning is very high. This had to be done to maximize all Legendary Pokémon being available to spawn in the game (out of the 400+ regular Pokémon). If this were not done, then you would probably only ever see 2-3 Legendary Pokémon in the ENTIRE game.
  • Pokemon that spawn VARY BY ROUTE. There are a TOTAL OF 10-20 Pokemon that can spawn in every route (depending on the area of the route). When you find all 10-20, you know that you found all the Pokemon available in that route and can move on.
  • When the weather changes in the wild area, 10 new Pokemon are available. (Legendary Pokemon have a better chance of spawning when the weather is normal).
  • If they eventually update the game so that weather changes in routes, the same rule above will follow.
  • All legendary Pokemon that are coded in the game (BEFORE The Crown Tundra) can spawn. This means Zacian, Zamazenta, Kubfu, Mew, Mewtwo, Zekrom etc.
  • Pokemon of all generations (that are coded in the game) can spawn.
  • Pokemon introduced in The Isle of Armor DLC are available to spawn, including Urshifu/Kubfu.

5. Trainer Pokemon

  • All trainer Pokemon have been randomized.
  • All trainer Pokemon abilities are random (eventually I will make it so Trainer Pokemon moves are random as well but, for now I am limiting it to just abilities due to complications). NOTE: There will be a separate file that excludes random Pokemon Moves/Abilties/Evolution
  • Trainers can have Legendary Pokemon.
  • Trainers have been changed to have a higher chance of having Shiny Pokemon.
  • All trainer Pokemon are holding random items.
  • Trainer Pokemon levels have been scaled up by a factor of 1.24x. This means all usual Trainer Pokemon levels will be higher than normal. You will eventually meet trainers with level 90-100 Pokemon. The first gym starts around level 20-30 while the last gym is around level 70-80. This prepares you for the after-game where almost all trainers are very high level.
  • Trainers have been changed to have Max AI. This means they are smarter and will use their moves to outsmart you in every way possible. Be aware.
  • Trainer Pokemon have Max IV's.

6. Pokemon Evolution

  • Pokemon evolution's have been randomized. For example, Bulbasaur evolves into an Arcanine at level 16, Charmeleon evolves into a Cofagrigus at level 36, etc.
  • The only problem with this is that some Pokemon can only evolve if you give them a certain item/befriend them or some other very weird method. It is obviously impossible for the player to know how some will evolve unless if you're me and you can check it. So if you do not want random Pokemon Evolution, I will include a separate file that excludes this feature (along with random moves/abilities) as stated above. It is not a really a big deal since it is only some Pokemon that do this.
  • Random Pokemon Evolution involving items or friendship etc. is similar to normal evolution. For example, if you give Eevee its normal stones to evolve, then it will evolve as it normally would except, it wouldn't be the usual Eevee-lutions. This applies to all other Pokemon that evolve this way such as Vulpix with the Fire Stone/Ice Stone.
  • If something evolves into a TYPICAL final evolution then it will not evolve anymore. For example, if something evolves into a Blastoise, it will not evolve anymore. If a Charmander evolves into a Wailord, it will not evolve anymore (because Blastoise and Wailord are final Pokemon Evolution's).
  • Legendary Pokemon cannot evolve.

7. Pokemon Moves

  • Pokemon can now learn up to 30 different moves (spread out from level 1-90). NOTE: This is true ONLY if you get the file with random Pokemon Evolution/Moves/Abilities enabled.
  • Pokemon move sets have been randomized. For example, an electric type can learn a water type move or a random Pokemon can learn a legendary Pokemon move (if it is in their randomized move sets). NOTE: This is true ONLY if you get the file with random Pokemon Evolution/Moves/Abilities enabled.
  • Wild Pokemon also have random moves and can kill you in ONE HIT. Be aware. NOTE: This is true ONLY if you get the file with random Pokemon Evolution/Moves/Abilities enabled.

8. Items Held By Pokemon

  • All Pokemon hold random items. If you're lucky you may find something that holds a Masterball or something rarer (This is why you should catch just about everything).

9. Starter Pokemon

  • Starter Pokemon have been randomized. I would recommend SAVING right before you choose a starter so if you choose the wrong one, you can restart the game without going through all the dialogue again. 
  • The starters are Meltan, Charmander, and Ditto. (Keep in mind these will evolve into completely random Pokemon (besides Ditto/Meltan) if you get the file with random evolution's enabled).

10. Pokemon Abilities

  • All Pokemon abilities have been randomized. Wonder guard ability is also enabled. NOTE: This is true ONLY if you get the file with random Pokemon Evolution/Moves/Abilities enabled.

11. Gift Pokemon

  • Gift Pokemon (Pokemon that are given to you in game such as, starters or by someone in a house) have been randomized.

12. Shiny Pokemon

  • There were no changes to shiny Pokemon appearing in the wild. The only change I am aware of, is that Pokemon Trainers  have a higher chance of having shiny Pokemon.

13. Requirements For Download:

  • A modded/hombrewed Switch.
  • PC + MicroSD Card and/or MicroSD Card Reader.

How To Download: Please use the download button provided by GAMEBANANA at the very bottom of this post. 

How to Install:

Choose/download your desired file for your game. It is important you choose the right file for your game. 
  • (v2.0.1b1 features everything *EXCEPT* random Pokemon Evolution/Moves/Abilities) 
  • (v2.0.1b2 features everything *INCLUDING* random Pokemon Evolution/Moves/Abilities).
  1. Unzip the Downloaded File.
  2. Open the "Pokemon Sword/Shield Randomizer" Folder.
  3. Connect your Switch or MicroSD Card to your PC.
  4. Copy the folder titled "0100ABF008968000" or "01008DB008C2C000" into your /Atmosphere/contents directory on the SD Card (if you are using Atmosphere CFW). For other CFW's you will have to drag it where ever you place your modded game files. I am unsure about emulators at this time as they are pretty unstable. NOTE: This will replace any previous randomizer you already had installed.

14. The Yuzu Emulator

  • Currently, users are reporting that this does not work with Yuzu. I am confident that it is NOT the mod and may be the Yuzu emulator causing the issues since, it is not very stable at the moment. Also, Pokemon Sword/Shield are known to have issues on the emulator. For more info on this read below.
  • The error most users are reporting is an initial crash/never-ending boot when starting the game while using the Yuzu emulator. This may be an issue that only pertains to Yuzu and may be out of my power to fix. It would probably be better to contact Yuzu support regarding this than me. 

15. YUZU FIX!! (kind of..)

  • I've been doing some testing with the Yuzu Emulator. I have figured some things out and I need some feedback from everyone trying on Yuzu.

The initial crash on startup/never-ending boot loop - After testing, it appears that this is caused by the "trainer" folder in the directory \0100ABF008968000\RomFS\bin. Users should delete this folder to fix the crash. I have determined that the reason this crash happens is because of how many files are located in the "trainer" folder (over 800+). Yuzu seems like it struggles to load all of these files and therefore crashes after a few seconds of attempting. 
  • If you want, you can try to delete some of the files in the "trainer_data"/"trainer_poke" folder but this will change some of the trainers randomization. Maybe if you delete enough for Yuzu to load the game then you will keep SOME trainer randomization (haven't tested this)
  • The "trainer" folder contains information regarding all Pokemon Trainers in the game thus, deleting this folder will mean trainers in your game will be normal and have their usual Pokemon and Pokemon levels. Unfortunately, there is no other way to load the randomizer without deleting this folder so Yuzu users MUST do this until an update is released that allows for Yuzu to load a large number of files.

If you still get the initial crash, then this is also likely because you have the file with random Pokemon Evolution's enabled. The same idea above applies to this. The evolution folder in the pml folder contains over 800+ files. Try deleting this as well and try again. This will remove random Pokemon Evolution.

Randomizer not working once successfully booted - Before you do anything check Route 1 for new Pokemon, you should see all new Pokemon available in the Route. There will be no default Pokemon in this Route such as, Wooloo, Rookidee, Skwovet, etc. If you see these Pokemon then the randomizer is not working for you.
  • The fix for this is to rename the "RomFS" folder to "romfs".
  • I am unsure why this works but, it does. Yuzu may only be able to read the folder titled "romfs" which is why you need to rename it.
  • After you do this, check Route 1 again and you should see new Pokemon. This means the Randomizer is officially working. You have all the features besides Pokemon Trainer Randomization and/or evolution's.

Still not working? - If it still doesn't work for you, I have ZERO clue what the issue is. One thing that I did during my testing was dumping the romfs files in Yuzu by right clicking Pokemon Sword then clicking "Dump RomFS". After I did this I was able to figure out some of the issues. You can give this a shot and see if it works for you (I doubt it will but if nothing else works then why not) If it still doesn't work then I guess there's just no luck for you. Make sure to delete the dump you just made so it doesn't take up space on your PC.
  • You may also need to start a new game save before changes take effect.

16. Further Information

  • archive Folder - This folder contains information regarding random Pokemon encounters. Deleting it will remove random Pokemon in the wild.
  • pml Folder - This folder contains information regarding random Pokemon Evolution/Abilities/Moves. Deleting it will remove random Pokemon Evolution/Abilities/Moves.
  • evolution Folder - This folder contains information regarding random Pokemon Evolution. Deleting it will remove random Pokemon Evolution.
  • personal Folder - This folder contains information regarding random Pokemon Abilities and held items. Deleting it will remove random Pokemon Abilities and held items.
  • waza_oboe Folder - This folder contains information regarding random Pokemon Moves/Move sets. Deleting it will remove random Pokemon Moves/Move sets.
  • script_event_data Folder - This folder contains information regarding randomized gift Pokemon (such as starters), trade Pokemon, and static encounters. Deleting it will remove randomized gift Pokemon (such as starters), trade Pokemon, and static encounters
  • trainer Folder - This folder contains information regarding random Pokemon Trainers. Deleting it will remove random Pokemon Trainers.

17. Donations:

I did not make this for money nor am I asking you for money. This was supposed to be a personal randomizer but I decided to upload it for the world to use. It's free lol.

If you want to donate to me and thank me for uploading this, I should have a CashApp donation method $BCash40 (not necessary). If you want to donate via another method, message me or drop a comment! :)

Anyway, all that I know is that it works as it should and I hope it works for everyone else. 

This is the first mod/randomizer I have ever made for any game. I usually don't do this kind of thing. Nevertheless, thanks for sticking around! 

PS: Youtubers/content creators, it would be great if you could give this mod a shot and if you like it/find that it is stable, share it around. I only did this because of the lack of randomizers available online. Thanks again.

Oh, here's a helpful HINT if you get the file with random evolution's enabled: Catch Scorbunny, Swinub, and Ralts in Route 1 and train them. It'll be a good time when they evolve ;)

18. Encounters Files

  • Below is an included download for those who want to change Pokemon Randomization for SWORD ONLY (titled "") to minimize Legendary Pokemon availability. In it contains an "archive_N" and "archive_L" folder.
  • The "archive_L" was randomized and was not touched in terms of Legendary Pokemon. However, I noticed there is still a significant amount of Legendary Pokemon that can spawn. This number is far less than the regular randomizer though so you should see MUCH less Legendary Pokemon.
  • The "archive_N" was randomized and not touched as well. This version contains SIGNIFICANTLY less Legendary Pokemon and you should be aware that not all Legendary Pokemon can spawn in this version. In fact, there may be only less than 5-10 Legendary Pokemon in the entire game in this version.
  • Keep in mind that the usual Legendary Pokemon you get in game will be different because everything has been randomized. Wild Legendary Pokemon are probably your only shot at getting Legendary Pokemon.

To install this new randomized Pokemon encounters, you will simply swap files with one of the regular randomizer builds.
  1. Choose between "archive_L" and "archive_N".
  2. When you make your choice, rename the file to "archive".
  3. Navigate to \0100ABF008968000\RomFS\bin and delete the "archive" folder that is already here.
  4. Copy the file you renamed to this same directory.
  5. Start the game and randomized Pokemon should now be different than what they were.


  • 2d insert_drive_file v2.0.3b1 Latest Randomizer Release for Pokemon SWORD ONLY
  • 2d insert_drive_file v2.0.3b2 Latest Randomizer Release for Pokemon SWORD ONLY
  • 11d insert_drive_file Files for those who want to change encounters (Pokemon Sword only). Read above first.
  • 2d insert_drive_file v2.0.3b1 Latest Randomizer Release for Pokemon SHIELD ONLY
  • 2d insert_drive_file v2.0.3b2 Latest Randomizer Release for Pokemon SHIELD ONLY

Alternate File Sources


Support for Pokemon Sword/Shield when The Crown Tundra DLC Drops Low Priority
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    plz need help : when i strat pokemon shield just after the nintendo screen it reboot to hekate
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    What can I do when I start my Pokemon Shield game and it doesn‘t happen anything and it just launches normally?

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    Is there a way to remove the fact that trainer have overpowered level so they can have normal levels?
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  • access_time 12d
    So I found out. When I delete pml, script event_data and from the trainer folder, trainer_data the randomizer starts. But sometimes, when the randomizer started with pwm or trainer_data and created a new game. So I can at least use the randomizer and the trainers. Maybe it helps to fix the randomizer.
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    Is there a way to remove legendary pokemon?
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    I'm having the same issue as cloud-strife 7777 

    I'm running the latest version  of pokemon sword. 
    And latest version of sx os.

    And the game crashes on start up. Anyone know what to do?
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    After downloading, I found that the Random evolutions do not work? I've read other comments, seems I'm missing the 'evolution' folder inside the pml folder?
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    I tested it on SX OS v.3.0.2 but it crashed the game by started... Please fix this!!! I need this Mod :(
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    This isn't working for me on Yuzu early access with multicore enabled, it just loops eternally at the launching screen. 
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    Is there a way I can make the pokemon types and moves learnt not random? Are there files I can delete to stop that?

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Development Info

I used pkNX to create this mod. No plans of updating or changing anything far into the future. Just felt inspired to help out the Pokemon Sword randomizer community since there is a lack of randomizers available online.


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Complete Ranomizer
Wild Encounters


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