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  • 10minby #1b4927 in
    Crusaders AWP
    no effort at all.
  • 20minby Ganryu username
    models not working
    Alright, here's some info for you then.

    Ever since the game transitioned over to using the SteamPipe setup, the old of way of installing mods has become obsolete and now only creates problems. You now have to place mods in the custom folder (Steam\Steamapps\common\Counter-Strike Source\cstrike\custom) in order for them to work. If the mods are provided as a .VPK file, you simply need to place them in the aforementioned directory.

    If the mods are provided as .ZIP/.RAR files, however, then you need to create a new subfolder within the custom folder (example: Steam\Steamapps\common\Counter-Strike Source\cstrike\custom\my_custom_mod) and place the contents of the mod in that folder.

    Depending on how the mod is set up (i.e., neatly organized and everything being where it would be normally for the old setup, or loosely thrown into the archive), you may have to create the file/folder structure manually in order to have unorganized mods work properly. Remember, the mods have to emulate the old directory properly (meaning that if you were to use something that only replaces the texture of default content, such as the arms for this example, you'd have to make the necessary folders to place your new arms texture in). If you don't place the content in the correct locations, you'll end up not having the mods work or having serious bugs.
  • Fantastic work from you guys really pleased with how it turned out.
  • Mania Plus will slove that problem.
  • The Satchel needs fixing its really broken, And it needs the Radio for the Satchel. Overall the animations are really good.
  • bro do u google drive much 

  • Already looked into the Mania Plus files. Barely any unused content. You won't have much to work with (@ your new announcement)
  • 1hrby FR0NTLINE in
    Whats the poly count difference on these 2 models?
  • Thank you so much sneed for your best work and your welcome!
  • Do you think you could add Waluigi to the character roster? If you would, this would officially become my favorite custom character modpack. Not a Waluigi skin, but one of the mods with a full fledged custom moveset, like this one-
    thanks in advance
  • 2hrby Romeo (L) username
    Romeo (L)
    Romeo (L)
    You're about a photo? It's old as hell, as it's from 2015. Many things changed since then... unlike our family shopping tradition - Dsquared2 jeans =)
  • effect/fighter/gekkouga
  • This is really neat. A cool addendum for a hard mode or something.  Also neat to see rain in the desert and the mountain.
  • yes haha
  • The first one can extract the RSDK and the second can pack an RSDK from a data folder

  • Oh you're talking about online, I'll have to fix up the animations so it will work online too.
  • 2hrby Durdge-o in
    Anti-Pony Sign
    failure 2.0
  • So to deflect your mod being shit you point towards my shitty mods, with most of them being blatant jokes.

    Funny man, practice what you preach.

    People in glass houses Rusty....
  • 2hrby PolarBair in
    Game file
    Sm4sh Remix
    Hey everyone, it's been a while so I figured I should drop an update. 

    With the announcement of Ultimate, I had some mixed feelings. Sm4sh Remix at its core was a modest mod. We wanted to improve Sm4sh, make it more fun and balanced while the game and characters retained their identity. Ultimate seems like it gives people everything we wanted to accomplish and more, so I don't feel motivated to work on it anymore. At the same time, we got a lot of work done on this mod, which is why I still want to see it through. Just... don't expect anything else soon. 

    Thanks for playing.
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