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  • Now we just need him over DD and Perry over BF
  • in other words, fnf minus (no hate its just a joke)
  • how long did this take you?
  • 4minby Codingkid01 in
    Game file
    FPS Plus
    I would have liked if there’s was some kind of system to make it so you limit your amount of songs you could skip. Maybe by adding a currency like funk coins that you earn and can buy things in a store, maybe run by pico or someone, and you can buy temporary song skips, invincibility, and maybe even unlock other characters. Idk maybe that would fit for another mod but that’s what I would do to help flesh out this game a bit more, make it feel more like a retail game. I’d also put in a level unlock system and multiple playable characters and cutscenes.
  • Yes. We are looking for people to help us port the stages over. For a tutorial:
    How do I convert a Wii U level to a Switch one?
    Switch levels work differently in that instead of being split up into 3 separate files for each list (Design, Sound, and Map), they combine each byml into one archive with the suffix discarded. The other difference is that the endian has been changed from big to little, which adds some extra steps. 
    To get started, you'll need to extract each byml (by right-clicking and selecting Export Raw Data) from all 3 lists, as well as CameraParam.bym from *Map.szs.
    At this point, you should have 4 bymls in a folder - *Design.byml, *Sound.byml, *Map.byml, and CameraParam.byml. One way of converting these to little endian is to use Switch Toolbox's converter. Hit Tools > BYAML > Convert to Little Endian, select a byml, and save it with the same name in a different folder. Repeat this for each one. 
    Now that you've got the bymls converted, all that's left to do is replace the ones in the Switch level file. Open the szs in Toolbox, and for every mentioned byml inside, right click and press Replace Raw Data, and select the converted byml with the same name. Once all of them have been replaced, simply right click the szs at the top of the tree and save it into your Switch mod folder, making sure to select Yes when it asks if you want to compress with Yaz0. After all of that, the level should now be in the Switch format, and you can now play it and edit + save it with Spotlight.

    Thanks to Souperman9 for the tutorial
  • First stages, and now characters!
    This doode evolves faster every day. Nice of you! B)
  • 6minby Rifxii username
    Game file
    Friday Night Funkin'+ (FNF Plus)
    does it crash and give you "value exception" as an error? looking into that right now.
  • yay thanks now when i get robuxs ill buy everything to be the boi

  • 8minby deniBG in
    Game file
    why would you do this to my fingers
  • i can't see the character when it get Star KO'd, but good stage
  • 11minby eymen67 in
    why you remove skin
  • I've attempted doing this myself. But getting the gravity fields to work is pain. 
  • 16minby Casteor573 in
    funny funkin sheet for use
  • 17minby Quiselet in
    I'm officially cancelling a big break from modding Baldi, I'll just stop modding BB Classic, because it's dead
  • 20minby Cval in
    Game file
    "Pumpkin Pie" Over South
    WOW!! Amazing spritesheet! The chart is a little screwed up, but this is overall AMAZING!!
  • 22minby eml64 in
    Game file
    Tails Saves Knux
    oh also this is game file mod number 500 lol
  • Even more so if you look at SWAGWAGON's username and remember what Jojo's Bizarre Adventure fans are famous for.
  • 24minby DarkZ in
    Brawlstars Mod
    I think that mortis would be better than El Primo Rudo in the lemon demon part
  • Thanks! I could kind of see that now lol. Perhaps I could beef up the sound if I were to update this. 
  • Anyone else having this issue, I am using issuelinks Goron Tunic over the Flamebreaker armor. Made that old mod into a working BNP. But with both the modular/AIO of HyRe installed with Issuelinks goron tunic no matter the load order the tunic will not work with HyRe. Is their an armor value or ingredient I can change in the HyRe mod?
1-20 of 566
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