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Texture Pack Contest Winners

A Contest for GameBanana

Handpainted textures
Handpainted textures
1st Place
The judges commented on how impressive they were by this handpainted pack and the amount of effort required to make it. The amount of detail in the textures and art style really propelled this pack into a deserving first place!
Classy Texture Pack
Classy Texture Pack
2nd Place
The quality of the textures in this pack really impressed the judges. They felt the amount of skill and knowledge that went into making them was immediately evident. Very narrowly missed out on top position but still gets a very worthy second place!
Skyppy's misc textures
Skyppy's misc textures
3rd Place
The judges all agreed that Skyppy's pack provided a lot of varied and well made textures. They did state however that while they were all very pretty, that they felt a few of the textures in the pack were slightly below the standard of the rest. This was only a minor complaint though and gains a well deserved third place!


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