Summertime! Winners

A Contest for GameBanana

EntryJudgement 1st Place
The judges were impressed by Corvalho's beach inspired weapon, there were very few faults to be found with this submission. The custom model, texture & shaders all fit perfectly with each other and the additional jigglebones on the cocktail umbrella give the weapon a great in-game feel.
2nd Place
Unfortunately though the judges felt that despite a whole lot of effort having gone into creating this well rounded pack, the individual items within it seemed to lack in detail. The majority of the models were made up of simple primitives and the textures -- although true to the TF2 style -- seemed a bit "lacking" (its hard to make foam/plastic look interesting). Although having said that the judges were impressed by the execution of the project, producing a full player pack requires a lot of effort and the submission itself was presented fantastically, with great use of HTML formatting in the submission field. They also praised the group for the great dynamic lighting on many of the plastic surfaces, as well as some awesome jigglebones!
3rd Place
Just what we needed to help us relax on a hot summers day by the Banana HQ pool! Although small and simplistic, when you actually get up close there's a whole lot of detail. Glass, fluids and ice are notoriously difficult to texture, however Unavi seems to have pulled it off incredibly well. This is Unavi's 3rd time entering a GameBanana contest and it looks like he could be one to watch in the future!
4th Place
Another great team entry Constellatio, Corvalho, Slayer5530 & HazarD. each utilised their different talents to produce a well rounded submission. Although not partially "summery" the idea of a machine gun disguised as a shark was just crazy (we sure hope Zee is all right)!! Over all the custom model and textures are done to a high standard, although some of the stickers look a bit to new/shiny and thus out of place a tad.


1st Place:
$100 cash + Ripe1
2nd Place:
$50 cash
3rd Place:
$25 cash
4th Place:
$10 cash tracking pixel