Kepler-22b Winners

A Contest for GameBanana

EntryJudgement 1st Place
A superb map that was thoughtfully conceptualized and is PACKED with custom content. Very polished with a masterful attention to brushwork, aesthetics and lighting. Congratulations Cbast!
2nd Place
This unique map exhibits an interesting mixture of technology and nature. Interactive and polished, an extreme effort has gone into creating this fun SP experience. Fabulous work Xblah!
3rd Place
-Mace- has cleverly used soundscapes, lighting and rigid architecture to create a cold and foreboding atmosphere reminiscent of the Aliens. Well done -Mace-!
4th Place (Tie)
Precise brushwork and symmetry make this Halo inspired TF2 map a joy to play. A good consistent theme throughout. Great work UNREA1!
4th Place (Tie)
A well thought out and expertly crafted CS 1.6 map with great detail and brushwork for the HL engine. A great theme and great map - well bloodsugarTW!
5th Place
While a touch empty and lacking the overall polish of other entries, the design and epic scale of the spaceship is jaw-dropping. Well done LexxoR!
6th Place (Tie)
A very detailed map with a great atmosphere. Some linearity but a good effort. Well done CartraxWolf!
6th Place (Tie)
A well thought out mission with fun objectives and a climatic build up. A bit too dark and linear and lacking attention to detail, but a fantastic effort nonetheless - good job Smith747!


1st Prize:
$70 cash + Ripe75
2nd Prize:
$50 cash + Ripe5
3rd Prize:
$25 cash + Ripe3
4th Prize:
$15 cash + Ripe2
5th Prize:
$10 cash + Ripe1
6th Prize:
$5 cash tracking pixel