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Dragon Ball FighterZ Character Modding Contest - A Contest for Dragon Ball FighterZ.

Contest has ended.

Dragon Ball FighterZ Character Modding Contest


With the release of Dragon Ball FighterZ a few weeks ago, the modding community has already shipped some really great looking and creative mods for Dragon Ball FighterZ. Now, it is time to see what all the inspirational and talented FighterZ modders are ready to make as we launch this game skinning contest. You've got time until 30th March to come up with a character mod that replaces any of the existing characters within the game itself (either a new character model or a retexture of an existing one).


The rules are listed in the right hand column. Pay specific attention to rules 3, 5 & 6 as people keep making great contest submissions that unfortunately break those rules.


The submissions will be judged on the following categories:
  • Overall quality of the Model(s), Textures, Animations and Sounds
  • Originality ( How much of the entry is original content )
  • Technical ability & skill required to create the submission

Please note, as mentioned below, ported content is allowed this contest, however we will value original content. For example a good retexture of one of the games default characters would likely place higher than a similarly good port as more of the content would have been made by the actual entrant. You should strongly consider this fact when deciding what to make as an entry.

To qualify, the submissions must be uploaded to the site and tagged as a contest entry before the DEADLINE!


Please note that rules 3, 5 & 6 have been adjusted for this contest. You are allowed to use ported content in contest entries. Content from game developers who are listed under the Definite No section within the Porting Whitelist is not allowed. 

However, if you win a prize with an entry that uses ported content without the company's permission, you forfeit the cash prize and instead will have to choose to receive your prize either as Steam credit, Steam games up to the value of the prize, in GameBanana points at $1 = 1K points or the cash being donated to charity.

Special thanks to sonicbrawler - the promo image comes from a mod made by him.
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    New tournament soon..?
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    * Determined [SOUL].
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    how did i enter this?
    Move with flow
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  • All though i like the idea of making a contest towards DragonBallsFighterZ,personally i dont know anything about the show,ive heard things about it but,iam very happy to see a contest based around it!I wish luck to everyone in the competition,and hawe an awesome day making charachters!I trully believe EVERYONE can do it,and as stated,quality over quantity!This would be very exciting event,and I WISH EVERYONE HAS A NICE DAY! :) -PC_gsr
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    Sounds cool, I'm looking forward to see some original characters !!
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    Great way to make the Fighter Z modders feel right at home here on GB. Looking forward to some really amusing stuff. After Smash they seem to be the next big thing...
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End Date
Mar 30th, 2018
@ 11:55 pm UTC


1st Place:
2nd Place:
3rd Place:
4th Place:
5th Place:
1st Place Medal:
Runners Up Medals:
Entrants Medals:


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  1. Contest entries MUST BE A PLAYABLE (RE)SKIN, AKA REPLACEMENT OF A CHARACTER for Dragon Ball FighterZ!
  2. Entries must be assigned as contest submissions by the deadline.
  3. Submitted content must be considered 'original', or have permission from the original artist or copyright holder if based on an existing concept/item. Please check the notice in the description of this contest for an exception to this rule.
  4. The submission can use pre-existing assets such as existing model(s), textures or animations, but should be a new release made for this competition and **must not** have been previously available for public download.
  5. Permission from every author who has been involved in the creation of the mod **MUST** be granted (that includes any developer company as well). Please check the notice in the description of this contest for an exception to this rule.
  6. Ported content is allowed ONLY FROM games whose developers have stated that they allow their content to be used commercially. Please check the notice in the description of this contest for an exception to this rule.
  7. Multiple entries are allowed, however quality is better than quantity.
  8. Each entrant may only win a maximum of one (1) prize.
  9. Team based entries are allowed, however the teams will have to agree how to split any prizes awarded.
  10. Entries cannot be modified after the deadline except for changes to the submission profile (changing descriptions, notes or screenshots).
  11. Entries uploaded to external sites need to state that they were created for the GameBanana Dragon Ball FighterZ Skinning competition.
  12. Judges cannot enter or assist entrants.
  13. **Upon entering the contest you agree on receiving your cash prize via Paypal or as an equivalent in Steam games.**
  14. **Upon entering the contest using ported content you agree on forfeiting your cash prize and instead receiving your prize equivalent in Steam credit, Steam games up to the value of the prize, in GameBanana points at $1 = 1K points or the cash being donated to charity.**