2017 Überstyle Contest

A Contest for GameBanana

Contest has ended.

2017 Überstyle Contest

It has been 2 years since our first Überstyle Contest was launched and it seems like this is becoming a yearly thing. Last year, we had launched the 2016 Überstyle Contest which was an opportunity for members to show their HTML + CSS coding skills and win some prizes. 

With the uberstyles, you are able to change the fonts, colors, backgrounds, layout (through profile template) or even add cool effects such as animations or transparency to your profile! All you need is the Uberstyle unlock. The winning prizes are GameBanana points which you can spend on our recently launched Banana Exchange system.

Normally this awesome unlock costs 2,500 GameBanana points, but for the next two weeks it's completely FREE to anyone wishing to enter the contest (see details)! Just post below so I'll know that you'd like the points to get the unlock.

Who can enter?

Any member can enter, regardless of whether you currently have an Uberstyle or not! The only thing we ask is that you create a new Uberstyle for this contest!

How to enter?

Simply login and click the enter Join Contest on the right side of this page! Then post a comment on this page with a screenshot of how your final profile looks (with the new uberstyle applied).

I don't know CSS / HTML, but can I still enter?

Of course you can! You don't have to be an expert coder to enter there are loads of free examples and tools you can use to make an uberstyle without having to code!

A good thing to try would be Logan's Quick Uberstyle Module through which you can simply try out basic designs in real time.
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End Date
Sep 11th, 2017
@ 12:00 am UTC


1st Place:
10,000 Points
2nd Place:
7,500 Points
3rd Place:
5,000 Points
1st Place Medal:
Runners Up Medals:
Entrants Medals:


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Arman Ossi Loko username pic Joined 11y ago
62,994 points Ranked 60th
65 medals 11 legendary 16 rare
  • GTAV First Adopter Medal icon
  • Submitted 15 Tools Medal icon
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  • 1st place - 2015 Uberstyles Contest Medal icon
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  • 15+ Entries! GameBanana’s Christmas Giveaway 2015 Medal icon

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Arman Ossi Loko
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  1. The completed uberstyle must be applied to the profile on or before the deadline.
  2. The completed uberstyle must comply with all GameBanana rules including the Profile Customization Rules.
  3. Uberstyles that have been made before this contest was added need to be updated or modified in order to be eligible for the contest.
  4. If the uberstyle was originally made by someone else (or any of the code by that matter), you'll need his permission in order to be eligible for the contest.
  5. The uberstyle code cannot be modified after the contest ends until the winners are announced (unless there happens to be a bigger site update that breaks the uberstyles - in which case we'll contact the participants)!
  6. You are free to edit any aspect of your profile, provided you do not remove the GameBanana logo or core navigation elements.

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