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Create a map containing the spaceship we send to colonize Kepler-22b - either in space or at its launch pad.

Contest has ended.


On December 5, 2011, astronomers discovered Kepler-22b, the first planet known to orbit a single star within its Habitable Zone. In 2061, after 50 years studying and preparing to colonize the planet, a conglomerate of Earth Space Agencies was ready to launch the "Keystone IV", the largest, most expensive and most complex machine ever conceived - to travel to and colonize Kepler-22b. Need ideas? ------------------ - **TF2:** - pl\_: Red & Blu both have spaceships and must destroy each other's first - ctf\_: Red & Blu must steal the intel on how to design the hyperdrive engine - cp\_: Aboard the spaceship the crew split into two factions, Red & Blu. They must fight to claim ownership! - **CS/S:** - de\_: Religious fanatics want to blow up the launchpad. - cs\_: Terrorists have taken the crew hostage. - mg\_: Start each stage in the 5 stage launch procedure. - **L4D/2:** - After reaching Kepler-22b the crew make an awful discovery - the planet is infested with zombies! - Aboard the spaceship some of the crew are exposed to the hyperdrive coolant and turn into flesh-eating zombies! - The Kepler Space Program was in its last stages before the virus wiped out 99% of the Earth's population. Now the survivors have one last safe-house to get to - the "Keystone IV" at Cape Canaveral, and on to a new world free of death and misery!


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End Date
Jan 29th, 2012
@ 12:00 am UTC


1st Prize:
$70 cash + Ripe75
2nd Prize:
$50 cash + Ripe5
3rd Prize:
$25 cash + Ripe3
4th Prize:
$15 cash + Ripe2
5th Prize:
$10 cash + Ripe1
6th Prize:
$5 cash


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  1. Entry must be a playable map for any game.
  2. Entry must include the "Keystone IV" spaceship.
  3. Entries must be submitted to Maps > GB > Kepler-22b Contest.
  4. Entries can be team created but teams will have to decide how to split the prize.
  5. Judges cannot enter or assist entrants.

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