HL1/2 Short But Sweet

A Contest for GameBanana

Create an SP map for any HL1/2 game that lasts between 3 and 10 minutes.

Contest has ended.

Hey folks, I know a lot of you love the current GameBanana mapping contest, but for some of you, you might be looking for something a little different... The Steam games for winners to choose: - Portal 2 (Key from [natko](http://dev.gamebanana.com/members/37)!) - Thief: Deadly Shadows - Limbo - F.E.A.R.: Ultimate shooter edition If the only game left on the list is already owned by the 3rd place winner, then it will be offered to each of the runner's up in turn. If a winner has all 3 of the games on the list, then they will given an additional 5000 points on top of their current winnings. Judges ------------------ - [The Giblets of Jesus](http://www.gamebanana.com/members/699321) - [Kipper.j2](http://www.gamebanana.com/members/491164) - [audiOtrash](http://www.gamebanana.com/members/561652) Additional: What are we looking for? ------------------ Like I mentioned earlier, we're looking for a Half-Life 1, 2, episode 1 or episode 2 map that on a second play through take about 3 - 10 minutes to play through (this means that once we've got any puzzles put in figured out it shouldn't take more than the set time to complete the level). We will take into account everything when coming to a conclusion on a map, that means that gameplay is just as important as looks, and optimization never goes amiss. Your map can have any theme, it might not even fit in the Half-Life universe, which is fine by us, but you will not be penalized by having an unoriginal setting (just make sure you don't steal and remake any content already available). Each map submitted will also receive a full review from at least one of the judges.
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End Date
Jan 8th, 2012
@ 12:00 am UTC


1st Prize:
5000 Points + First pick of the games
2nd Prize:
2500 Points + Second pick of the games
3rd Prize:
1000 Points + Third pick of the games
100 points each


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  1. Maps can be made for any Half-Life games (Yes, even HL1).
  2. Maps must be made with original content, no ripping of valve maps or recycling old submissions.
  3. Entry must be submitted to Maps > GB > HL1/2 Short But Sweet.
  4. Entries can be team created but teams will have to decide how to split the prize.
  5. Judges cannot enter or assist entrants. (Help in the form of error correction or compile problem help is fine though)

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