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Mapeadores Prey Inauguration Mapping Contest - A Contest for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

Until Contest ends.

Mapeadores Prey Inauguration Mapping Contest

You are a marine in the middle of a field. Aliens, headcrabs, and flying monsters keep coming your way. They spit acid, double jump, and insist on breaking a cade you meticulously built. Sigh. You close your eyes — where would you rather be? Perhaps a space station, a chic studio in the Hamptons, or deep in the digestive track of a blue whale — or somewhere else, because why not!

As the Prey game mode matures, Mapeadores is organizing a 3 month contest from Nov 29th until the 27th of Feb 2022. Maps will be judged on 4 dimensions: gameplay, aesthetics, replayability, and innovation by an expert jury including mappers, modders, and players. This contest is the way to share Prey with the mapping community, and to prepare the mod so it can be open sourced and shared with other servers interested in setting up ZM servers — without the borefest.

As a kick-off contest, there are no specific themes. We only expect to get new, lovable maps that take into consideration specific characteristics from the Prey mod: from Alien classes to barricading physics and everything in between. Mappers whose maps are added to the server will receive Mapeadores’ Mapper status and compete for 5 prizes worth 250€!

Mapeadores will be hosting map testing sessions to let you slowly refine your maps and will use your input to iron out issues in the plugins and keep the game mode fun for all players. Join Mapeadores’ Discord (#mapping / #prey_talk channels) for map testing and design suggestions. Judges will be organised by Mapeadores and will vote by evaluating the latest submitted version.

For an overview of the Prey gamemode and general guidelines for mapping for it, check out this helpful guide by Enviolinador.

To qualify, the submissions must be uploaded to the site and tagged as a contest entry before the DEADLINE! If you don't see the contest listed on the add/edit form of your submission, make sure you have hit "Join" on this contest page first.

Let the contest begin!

p.s full size image link


End Date
Feb 27th, 2022
@ 11:00 pm UTC


1st Place:
2nd Place:
3rd Place:
Most Innovative Runner Up:
Best Looking Runner Up:


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  1. Every submission must be a playable Prey level for CS:GO!
  2. Submissions should fit the rules for map tests in Mapeadores: under 150mb uncompressed, compiled in full HDR only, with all custom content packed and without causing client or server crashes.
  3. Entries must be submitted onto the site ( and tagged as a contest entry before the deadline.
  4. If the entry is uploaded to an external site, it must state that it was created for the Mapeadores Prey Inauguration Mapping Contest.
  5. Submitted content must be considered "Original", entries should not be rethemes, version 2's or copies of other maps.
  6. The submission can use pre-existing assets such as existing models and textures, but enough work should be done to consider the submission a 'new release' made for this competition. Simply re-uploading a previous piece of work will not count.
  7. Don't use other people's content in your map without permission due to the fact that you could win money with their content in your map. This includes ported content from other games. Content from official CSGO maps is fine.
  8. Multiple entries are allowed, however quality is better than quantity.
  9. Each entrant may only win a maximum of one (1) prize.
  10. Team based entries are allowed, but the entrants will have to decide and agree on how to split any prizes awarded.
  11. Entries cannot be modified after the deadline except for changes to the submission profile (changing the description, notes or screenshots).
  12. Judges cannot enter or assist entrants.