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Friday Night Funkin' Valentine's Day GameBanana Modding Contest - A Contest for Friday Night Funkin'

Contest has ended.

Friday Night Funkin' Valentine's Day GameBanana Modding Contest

1. Description

So you've proven you can get your funk on? Well, it's time you got your love on too! We are proud to announce that the first ever Friday Night Funkin' GameBanana Modding Contest is here, all suited up for Valentine's Day! Boyfriend reskins and original custom songs are being accepted, provided they bring out the romantic spirit of that special day, and each section will be getting its own prize! You have until the end of the 14th of February (UTC -5) to have your mods uploaded, polished and ready for judging.

Both the Best Boyfriend Skin and the Best Custom Song selected by the judges will receive the prize listed at the top of the middle column. Submission and user scores are not considered during judging. If you don't know how to get into FNF modding, check out the Tutorials section for the game.

2. Rules and Submitting

The rules are listed in the rightmost column. Make sure to read them carefully before entering the contest. If you have any questions, simply comment below or visit the FNF Modding Community Hub Discord server and consult with the Community Lead or one of the Admins.

To submit your skin or custom song (game file) as a contest entry, perform the following steps. There are no alternative submission methods available for this contest.
  1. Click the Join Contest button in the rightmost column of this post.
  2. Go to add a new submission to FNF. Select either Skin or Game file, depending on what your mod is.
  3. Set the category of the submission to either Contest Boyfriend or Contest Custom Song.
  4. Complete your submission and await approval.

3. Judging

The following people will be judging the competition:
  • BBPanzu
  • Bishop
  • Luci
  • Meulinex
  • Tiny Bean Tim
These judges will be looking for mods that are:
  • Valentine's Day-themed (in compliance with the rules)
  • Well-designed and fun to use
  • Complete with no unintended behaviour
  • Aesthetically pleasing, not conflicting with the artstyle of the game
  • Unique compared to other non-contest submissions

4. Disclaimer

I, Jack5, have posted this contest on behalf of the Friday Night Funkin' modding team. I am only a game manager for GameBanana, and will not be participating in judging.

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End Date
Feb 15th, 2021
@ 12:00 am EST


1st Place:
A Discord Nitro gift that will last for one month from the time of redemption or a Steam Game valued at $10 USD or less. One will be awarded to each of the two winners across the Skins and Game files sections.


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  1. Submissions to this contest must comply with the FNF Community Rules and the Site Rules, both available on GameBanana.
  2. Entrants should choose to make either a single character skin or custom song, not both.
  3. Contest submissions must be Valentine's Day-themed and explain the theming in their descriptions. No NSFW content of any kind will be allowed.
  4. Skins must replace only the Boyfriend, changing every sprite from the Tutorial to Week 4. Unoriginal characters except those from FNF are prohibited. If using an FNF character, it must be substantially altered visually in some way other than recolouring.
  5. Custom songs must have entirely new music and charts. Those that aren't remixes of FNF songs and aren't original will not be accepted.
  6. Submissions should be made for the base game. Support for modded versions of FNF and extra features other than the skin or custom song will be ignored.
  7. Only the latest contest submission per user is valid. Mods created before/after the contest period are ineligible, even upon resubmission. Download updates past the end date will be ignored, or such a mod will be disqualified if that is impossible.
  8. If a contest mod is withheld by or at any time after the end date, it is immediately disqualified.
  9. The prizes will be awarded to the submission creators only, therefore collaboration is not recommended besides playtesting.