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Mario and Sonic at the Lemonade Stand - A Contest for Sonic Boll

Contest has ended.

Mario and Sonic at the Lemonade Stand

1. Description

With the release of Sonic Boll 1.9 and its updates, everyone has gotten the chance to mess around and make their own levels with our level editor. With that in mind, we are proud to announce we’re collaborating with Snoruntpyro to bring to you all the first edition of Mario and Sonic at the Lemonade Stand, our level design contest! Up until the end of the 1st of February (GMT +9), you’ll be able to submit your best singular levels, and we’ll play and judge them all!

The level deemed by the judges to be the best of all the submissions will receive the prize listed at the top of the middle column. Submission and user scores are not considered during judging.

If you’re interested but have no experience with the level editor, we suggest reading our level editor guide made by Hakumuda.

2. Rules and Submitting

The rules are listed in the rightmost column. Make sure to read them carefully before entering the contest. If you have any questions, simply comment below or contact a Moderator on the Discord and we can elaborate.

If you are going to enter this contest, click the Join Contest button in the rightmost column. To submit your map submission as a contest entry (note that it must be a submission made after the creation of this post), set the map category to Contest Levels AND in the Development tab, set the Contest to Mario and Sonic at the Lemonade Stand. ALTERNATIVELY, you can choose to upload your level directly to the Sonic Boll Discord server, with an accompanying title and description.

3. Judging

The following people will be judging the competition:
  • Vocacola
  • Caryn
  • Hanna
  • Jaco Boy
  • Kousaku-P
  • Snoruntpyro (special guest)

These judges will be looking for levels that do the following:
  • Well-designed levels that are overall fun to play, execute their theme, gimmicks and setups well, have consistent and engaging difficulty, and function properly with no unintended slowdowns.
  • Levels that present unique or interesting ideas using available resources, such as a fully original theme and setups.
  • Aesthetically pleasing levels which have outstanding use of texture tiles and decoration anchors, among other decorative objects, all of which do not conflict with the theme of the level.

4. Disclaimer

I, Jack5, have posted this contest on behalf of the Sonic Boll team. I am only a tester, and will not be participating in judging.

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End Date
Feb 2nd, 2020
@ 12:00 am JST


1st Place:
The privilege of choosing between a single easter egg or skin (nothing NSFW or offensive) of your choice to be bundled with the next version of the game.


  • Login/Register to enter this contest!


  1. Submissions to this contest must be single levels made with the Sonic Boll 1.9.3 Level Editor, and must not be created after the contest end date. Download updates past the end date will be ignored.
  2. Only the latest contest-map submission per Discord and GameBanana account created during the accepting submissions period will be considered. Levels that were created before this contest post must be resubmitted in order to be eligible.
  3. Levels must be original creations, no recreations of any game or submissions by other users are allowed.
  4. Levels must be beatable with both Mario and Sonic.
  5. World skins are not permitted, all decorating must be done with in-editor tools such as texture tiles and decoration anchors.
  6. No NSFW levels are allowed. Joke/meme, enemy spam or lemon/lemonade stand-themed levels will be penalised.
  7. The prize will be awarded to the submission creator only, therefore collaboration is not recommended besides playtesting.