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Softcore Risette Fan - A Concept for Persona 4 Golden (PC)

A mod to make obtaining "Hardcore Risette Fan" less painful.

UI & Tracking mod to make obtaining the "Hardcore Risette Fan" achievement slightly less painful.

Hardcore Risette Fan is a notoriously difficult to complete achievement for P4G which requires you to hear 250 out of a possible 334 of Rise's navigation voice lines. The difficulty comes mostly due to the ambiguity of its status. At no point during your playthrough is it possible to know how many voice lines you have activated, and which you are missing without creating a personal external spreadsheet. This concept aims to alleviate the annoyance in gaining the achievement.

  • Complete list of all navigation lines Rise can say, which are automatically checked off as they're activated
  • Detailed sorting and  general info for all lines, including...
  1. Which dungeon or dungeons they can be activated in
  2. Which enemies they can be activated by, including required level gap
  3. Which party members or persona affinities are required, if any

The closest example I can compare this concept to would be something akin to the completion list from the Yakuza games, as seen below:

Based slightly off of this, while attempting to keep on brand with P4G's UI theme, I have created some proof of concept mockups, which you can see here:

I am not a UI designer, so I'm certain this can be greatly improved, but I hope this is enough to give a rough idea of the goal. Ideally, I believe it would be helpful, if possible, to also set certain lines to track and allow for popups on the HUD  during gameplay.

If you have experience with game modding, feel free to contact me about this concept for collaboration. I can't offer anything in terms of code, but am able to create graphic assets and of course offer ideas. Additionally, I am not opposed to offering  a small bounty for anyone who can help me create this mod.
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    To be honest, I don't think that this would be able to be made in P4G. However, this could possibly be made into its own program, that could read the game/steam achievement progress for Hardcore Risette Fan. I hope this might've helped. Also, I love your concept art. I think it fits P4G really well!
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