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The Forgotten Warrior Bossfight - A Concept for Kirby's Return to Dream Land.

1. Introduction

  This is a concept for a boss fight that would have appeared in Kirby's Reflected Return Wii, using GK as a base with lots of original attacks; although the hack is long gone I like the idea so I've decided to expand on it.

2. Arena

  You would fight The Forgotten Warrior at the top of a Nutty Noon like tower, with some sorta storm in the background.

1. Entrance

  Kirby and other players walk forwards, then stop and look around for a second; lightning strikes near the right corner of the screen and The Forgotten Warrior Appears, holding his sword up, with a lightning effect similar to when Kirby has the minimum charge with Spark, he then swings his sword downwards, so it points towards the players and then the battle begins.

1. Phase 1

1.1. Returning Attacks

  The typical slash attacks and crescent beams would be used, along with shuttle loop. All the sword beam attacks would appear, but faster, and instead of bouncing upon hitting the ground lightning would strike where they land. The attacks where he falls while pointing his sword downwards would be used, except lightning would strike when it lands, the attack where he thrusts upwards would also be used, and lightning would strike when it's used as well. The typical guard would be used, but now if you hit him when guarding lightning would strike him and he would temporarily have a force field around him for a few seconds. He also can use midair spin slash like GK.

1.2. New Attacks

  The Forgotten Warrior holds his sword out, and temporarily tilts it depending on the player's position(similar to Goritath's fist attack), once the direction is locked he uses his other hand to press the sword's gem(it would function sorta like a button, this attack would appear early on to demonstrate that) and then the sword's blade flies off into that direction very quickly; after that the sword's blade would reappear out of its hilt.

  TFW charges the player and tries to hit them with his sharp pointed shoulder pads/mask, if he hits them he'll bounce them into the air and jump up to slash them before they can move again.

  TFW flies into the air in one corner of the screen, and shoots two crescents downwards, when they hit the ground they each create shockwaves(probably more like the shockwaves gigant edge uses but faster) on both sides of them, and lightning strikes the area they land. (alternatively TFW can fly in the center of the screen and shoot 3)

  TFW creates a small electrical ball, like what the spark sphere doomer uses(not the inhalable one), it flies in a path(there would be multiple paths that it could use) and then TFW presses the gem/button on the sword's hilt and the lightning ball would explode, and everywhere it went would have lightning(not like the vertical lightning strikes used, it would just be lightning in the shape of the path if that makes sense) so the player has to pay attention to its path.

  TFW could go in the center of the screen and shoot four lightning orbs in a square(alternatively can use a diamond) pattern, they would then make a square(or diamond) lightning shape connecting them, like dark nebula's spark attack.

2. Phase Transition

  The Forgotten Warrior falls offscreen, now having a lightning effect similar to GK's aura around him, he flies up into the center of the screen; he holds his sword up and lightning continually strikes him, many(about 9) (about as fast as gigant edge's maybe slower) shockwaves going in both directions appear at the base of where the lightning strikes, and some(about 6) bouncing lightning balls appear going in both directions as well; similar to Mafia Boss's mega charge attack from A Hat in Time (see 2:14), after that the real fight begins.

3. Phase 2

3.1. Attacks

  The Forgotten Warrior's first new attack is no longer used on the ground, but now TFW is in the center of the screen when he uses it, and it goes faster; initially he shoots a lightning projectile, then his sword continues rotating to aim at the player and shoots the sword's blade after relocking, if the sword's blade hits the ground lightning strikes and two GK(sorta tannish very fast) shockwaves appear.

  GK's horizontal midair spin slash attack now spawns two downwards facing crescent shots with the obligatory lightning strike and shockwaves. If you hit TFW when he's guarding the electrical force field is now slightly larger and lasts longer.

  TFW's third new attack's electrical ball now is a darker green and the patterns are more complex; when TFW presses the button he now goes through the path himself and appears at the explosion, the explosion would be larger and the lightning wouldn't last as long; alternatively he can use the attack with the original color of electrical ball(implies TFW won't go through the path himself like the darker one) with much more complex patterns.

  TFW goes into the corner of the screen and points his sword towards the opposite side of the screen, the sword has briefly has an electrical effect; he then jumps into the air and 3 parts of his sword's blade come off(like the things with a pointy thing on each side, the very top part would stay behind and could be used with the hilt as a dagger for the next attack before it regenerates) at(random) different heights, then TFW presses the button on the sword's hilt and they all fly offscreen extremely quickly, they do massive damage if they hit the player, after that TFW will do one of two attacks.

  1: TFW aggressively chases the player and uses many powerful melee attacks, but his attacks are fairly short ranged since his sword is now pretty short.
2: TFW uses the Ex Spark Sphere Doomer's attack where he flies across the screen with electrical orb things flying around him; but instead of going all the way across the screen TFW stops three-quarters of the way and the electrical orbs fly off of him.
After that TFW's sword regenerates and he uses some other attack.

  TFW can use his "Mega Charge" attack in the center of the screen, the only differences between it and the phase transition version is that this version has 7 shockwaves and 5 bouncing lightning balls and they go slightly faster in this version.

  TFW puts his three blade segments out in the arena facing downwards, each gradually going higher, sorta like a staircase with big gaps in it, he then runs and jumps up them and after he jumps off of the top one he presses the button on his sword's hilt and they all fall downwards, when they hit the ground they each spawn two shockwaves in both directions and lightning strikes where they land; after that TFW uses one of the two attacks specified earlier and then his sword regenerates.

  TFW goes into the center of the screen and holds his sword in front of his mask, the charging sound plays and then there is a massive lightning explosion around him that does massive damage.

  TFW could spawn lightning in certain shapes to temporarily shrink the arena so it's harder to dodge him.

  TFW could use a laser attack similar to Light/Dark Aeon Hero but instead of an explosion lightning would strike wherever the laser went, the attack can be interupted by damaging TFW so you don't have to get hit(this attack would have to be used after an attack that spawns a decent amount of stars so no ability players would not be forced to take damage).

4. Defeat

  The Forgotten Warrior bounces around the screen(he still can hurt the player during this) with lots of electric effects around him, his wings are slightly torn, you now can partially see their mechanical inner workings; he then goes in the center of the screen and falls, similar to Goriath's death animation; but he grabs onto the ledge, and struggles to pull himself up, shortly after his hand slips and he falls.

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