Few mods - Not sure if worth uploading

A Concept for New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe

Here are a few mods. I didn't feel it was worth uploading but if you guys want any, then feel free to request I complete one and finish them.

The first image shows my personal Mii with legs showing, instead of the black leggings that female Miis get. I just didn't feel this was worth uploading even when it is finished unless I upload a bunch of different mods in the submission to work for all Mii skin colors.

The second image shows texture editing of the world tiles. This I scrapped because I had no good ideas on what to make. But I took an image for people to see it is very much indeed possible and easy to accomplish.

The third image shows Player 1 Mii with Luigi's outfit instead of the default Mario. And to kill 2 birds with 1 stone, it keeps Mario's Red hat.
I made this because I was working on uploading a Mii Player 1 outfit that changes Player 1 Mii's outfit to be green Luigi's, I scrapped this because it is impossible to get Luigi's Hat, since the M on Mario's hat is mirrored on the other side instead of a full hat. We would have a mirrored L which would be awkward. i could still, however, do the Wario hat. Just WaLuigi and Luigi's will be impossible due to the UVs.

I didn't think any of these were worth finishing and uploading. But if you guys actually want one, then I will finish and upload at some point. Just comment so I'd know.
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    but there is a thing i wonder what is the mario cap and hair filename? i letterally can't find it in my dump (just wanna try some stuff)

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    you can put multiple alts of one mod in a single submission by adding multiple download sources that each link to one version of the mod so you can do that with the Female Mii colored legs mod you have there
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    Paskual Joined 1mo ago
    oof, are you up to date with NSMBU hacking? we already know how easy is to make custom tilesets
    anyways tho, those miis custom models are cool
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