Lt. Columbo Inspired Dr. Mario

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  • Adjustment Added Costume ideas based on other fictional detectives.
Alternate Costume Update. 9mo
As a Dr. Mario main, it kinda bums me out to see how few skins there are for him...well aside from Texture edits that is.
Anyhoo, I was watching an episode of Columbo the other day and I realized how well a Columbo inspired Dr. Mario skin would work. From animations to character stats, they both line up perfectly!

So yeah, the main changes are the removal of the Head mirror and stethoscope, messier hair and an opened coat. Also, since Columbo is a homicide detective, what would be more fitting to replace Doc's pill then than a bullet.

Thinking of alternate costumes was actually kind of tough, I wanted to base them off of other fictional Detectives but pretty much all of them wear the same thing.
I was going to completely scrap the one or two I had thought of, but I pushed myself to think of a full set since all of my previous concepts have had a full set of costumes.
[UPDATE: By Suggestion of Cruiser11 I've changed the final three costumes to better reflect the idea behind this concept]
So, in order they are:
Yellow (Dick Tracey).
Tropical (Magnum P.I.).
Police Blue.
Military Green.
White (Dr. Mark Sloan - Diagnoses Murder).
Silver (Matlock).
Monochrome (Perry Mason)

Pre-Update Costumes:
White (Dr. Mario NES Palette).
Black (New Donk City Suit).
Red (New Donk City Band Member).

"Just one more thing, before I go" a little idea I had, that I'm not entirely sure how would work, is to have Columbo's car appear during the Stage Entry animation similar to DoctorFlux's Tardis Mod. Again I'm not entirely sure how doable that is, which is why I didn't both doing art for it (And also the fact that I can't draw cars for beans).

Well, thanks for reading, and have a nice day. :)
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  • Thank you very much, you've been very helpful.
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    There needs to be a "LIT. Mario"

    I'm sorry I know that's not funny but it needs to be a mod...
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    I assume that all you'd need to do is remove the headband from Doc's head and some slight vertex editing on his jacket, right? I mean, I don't know how to do that, so it could be hard as hell, but it seems simple enough. :p
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    2018, Year Of The Waifu
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  • Can you also do more recolors based on Perry Mason, Matlock, and Diagnosis Murder?
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    Nice work. Might possibly work over Luigi if the dimensions didn't end up working for Dr. Mario.
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    Thar be snow.
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    I used to watch Columbo all the time with my dad and this mod would make me giddy as a schoolgirl if it were made, especially with a comprehensive voicepack.

    So, of course, since it's an obscure idea and, even worse, a silly one, it shall never be done.
    It's all just a game to me.
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