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Fang the Sniper over Fox.

A Concept for Super Smash Bros. for Wii U

So, this was a little idea I had a while back. I was thinking about some of my favorite characters in Smash and what other characters would work well as skins for them, and then it hit me! Fang the Sniper (Or Nack the Weasel) would be a great fit for the a Fox skin!

This is another one of those ideas where if I had the ability to make this myself, I would. but since I don't I figure I might as well put the idea out there for anyone who finds it interesting & wants to take a SHOT (Budum Tss~) at it.

the ideas I have for this mod are surprisingly simple, especially when compared to my previous concept. basically, aside from the obvious of Fox being Swapped out for Fang, the Blaster would get switched out for the Pop-Gun and the Reflector would be changed from Blue to Orange (to resemble the super shield from Sonic the Fighters)

Here's my ideas for alternate colors, In order that they appear in from the second image, they're based on:
Bean the Dynamite (Sonic the Fighters)
Bark the Polar Bear (Sonic the Fighters)
Classic Fang (Sonic Triple Trouble, in game colors)
Heavy Magician (Sonic Mania)
Dr. Eggman/Robotnik.
Rouge the Bat.
Player 2 Fang (Sonic the Fighters)

One other idea I had (Even though I'm not sure how easy it would be to pull off since I've never seen anything like it yet) is to swap out the Arwing seen in Fox's Stage Entrance for the Marvelous Queen (Reference:, but as I said before, I've never really seen anyone change models from Entrance animations before, so I don't know if that would even be physically possible.

But yeah, that's my idea, thanks for reading. :)



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