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Susie (Kirby Planet Robobot) Over Bowser Jr.

A Concept for Super Smash Bros. for Wii U

Okey-Dokey. This is my first post here on Gamebanana so I'll try my best not to make a fool of myself.

I've got a whole bunch of ideas for mods, but I currently have no way of actually making any myself, so I figure I might as well put my ideas out there incase anyone else finds them interesting and wants to take a crack at them.

Anyhoo, I was thinking about how a lot of people have made really cool skins for Bowser Jr. and the idea of Susie + Robobot Armour from Kirby Planet Robobot came to mind. so I decided to do a little doodle of the idea and post it here.

Bowser Jr. has a lot of miscellaneous things that come out of the clown car during his attack, Drills, Buzz saws a...uh...tongue (Let's not talk about that one) and almost all of them could be swapped out for various things from the Robobot armor, like:
Buzz Saw: Cutter Saw.
Drills: Shoulder Screw Drivers.
Boxing Gloves: Fists/Stone Fists.
Cannon Ball: Bomb.
Fork: Sword.
(References for all this stuff can be found here:

Alternate costumes were a bit of an after thought, but I figured I'd include them anyways, in order they're based on:
Parallel Susie (Team Kirby Clash)
Robobot Armour Copy Abilities (Sword, Cutter, Ice, Fire, Stone & PSI)

So yeah, that's my idea, if you wanna try making this, feel free.
I'd do it myself but ,again, I currently have no way of making mods myself. (or even installing them onto my Wii U.)

Thanks for reading and have a nice day. :)



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