Cave of the Future (MOTHER 3 Endgame) Stage

A Concept for Super Smash Bros. for Wii U

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So, I've noticed recently that there's a lot of good MOTHER 3 tracks both already in Sm4sh, and available for download here on GB. However, Sm4sh, of course, doesn't have a proper stage for MOTHER 3, cramming what remixes it has from the game onto Onett, which already has some great music from Earthbound. 

This presents a problem, as from what I understand, attempts to port New Pork City over have encountered serious issues. And so, I propose a different solution: a new stage entirely! The concept, as presented here, is based on the final area of MOTHER 3: The Cave of the Future, wherein the final showdowns with Porky and the Masked Man take place. 

It's a very ominous and visually distinct location, and I feel there's a lot of potential for the stage's background as well. It would be perfect for all the more climactic MOTHER 3 tracks I've seen uploaded lately. And a few I might yet upload myself. 

Now, some of you might think this stage is rather spoilery. However, I'd like to counter this point with a simple fact: The fan-translation has been out for nearly 6 years now. If you still haven't played the game, that's pretty much on you. Besides, the recent Masked Man/Commander Lucas mod had an un-masked Claus skin; it's a non-issue imo. 

Further details/updates on potentially actually getting this thing done will either be in comments or linked here later. 


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    On the concept of being spoilery, i don't think it's too much of an issue, since Brawl pretty much spoiled the prolouge and most of the end chapters.
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    Added a bigger, more complete picture of the Cave of the Future map from the game.
    Game Grunkle
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    Huh reminds me that I had a Mother 3 stage idea too, not exactly a massively important place but it was club titiboo, I added lines to show where the fight would actually take place, really basic.Upload preview
    Personally I wouldn't mind that Osohe castle stage being ported which i have seen worked on but not for a while.
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    What a hoot!


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Key Authors
Thaddeus Offline
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Stage layout and concept
Nintendo/Brownie Brown
Original Cave of the Future design


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