Null Sector ROB

A Concept for Super Smash Bros. for Wii U

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I believe I have some decent ideas for Smash Alts, but since I don't have Photoshop, I can't make renders of them. Or at least, high quality ones. Despite this, I did decide to give it a try in Paint.Net, which is close enough (with the exception of gimp, but I find gimp confusing.)

This is an alt inspired bu the Null Sector from the current Overwatch update, Uprising. Null Sector is a omnic terrorist group in London who have tried to take Overwatch down and cause a war against humans and omnics. Considering that one of R.O.B's best skins is a reskin to make him look like Bastion, a lot of people seem to like this update (myself included), the Null Sector has a rather interesting look and colour palette and in general, just the fact that they're both robots, I thought it would make some decent amount of sense to make a Null Sector themed skin for R.O.B. I know that this isn't an insanely good render or re-texture, but I hoep you guys still like the concept.

It's arms and boosters are purple, his body is a dark gray, his face a light silver and eyes, neck and spine red-ish. Along with that, he has a Null Sector logo on his base-plate. The sprays haven't been ripped, so I'll update with a higher quality image of the Null Sector logo soon.

If anyone could make a re-texture of R.O.B to match this, I'd highly appreciate it.



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