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Left4Dead Club - A Club.


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Curing the infection... One bullet at a time


Welcome to the Left 4 Dead Club!

If you like the game make sure to join! We will have activities and stuff going on in the near future. Meanwhile feel free to post whatever you want about the game or ask for help if you need.

About the Game

Left 4 Dead and Left 4 Dead 2 are coop first-person shooter video-games. Initially developed by Turtle Rock Studios, then acquired and supported by Valve. The games use Valve's proprietary Source engine, and is available for Microsoft Windows, Xbox 360 and Mac OS X. Several DLCs have been released adding new campaigns and maps including "The Last Stand", "Crash Course" and "The Sacrifice" for L4D1 and "The Passing" for L4D2. All content available for L4D1 including DLC was eventually ported to L4D2 as well.

The first takes places in Pennsylvania and introduces the first four characters: Bill, a Vietnam veteran; Zoey, a college student; Louis, an IT analyst, and Francis, an outlaw biker.

The second game starts in Savannah, Georgia, and ends in New Orleans, Louisiana. It includes four new main characters: Coach, high-school football coach; Nick, a gambler and con-man; Rochelle, a news reporter, and Ellis, a mechanic who often talks about his friend Keith and their many misadventures.

The game modes available include: Campaign, were you take the role of the survivors; Versus, were two teams of players take turns to play as Survivor and Infected; Survival, were you have to defend an area of a map for as many minutes as possible, and other modes including Mutation, were you play a campaign with some gameplay changes elements like playing only against very fast Boomers and Splitters, or having unlimited ammo M60 guns.

The games take place approximately two weeks after the "infection" and you assume the role of an immune Survivor that has 3 other teammates. In each campaign you all have to work together to reach the next safe-room to advance through the maps and eventually reach the the finale where you'll have to prepare and defend your ground for a few minutes against intense hordes while waiting for some sort of extraction, usually a helicopter or boat.


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