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the deviantART Members club was started for many reasons, but our main goal is to bring more users on FPSBanana together through the exchange of their artwork.
All club members are encouraged and welcome to:

  • Introduce yourself..
    • Feel free to let us know who you are, where you are from, what styles of art you are into, etc. You are also more then welcome to share anything else about yourself & likes / dislikes, as long as it is relavent to the club & art.

  • Create a thread, Share your work..
    • All are welcome and encouraged to create a thread for sharing their artwork. This helps keep the club organized, and suited for each individual. Let it be a place for you to sort & share your artwork here @

  • Take a moment & look around..
    • Remember, the true goal & hopes for the club is to encourage users to communicate, get to know one another, and build friendships. You can help in this by browsing other members Artworks, leaving comments, etc.
    • Keep in mind, if you hope for others to view your work, share comments, give advice / suggestions, constructive criticism, leave love notes, etc; we ask that you please do the same for others. This means that we strongly encourage you to view, comment, leave suggestions, etc, on other works that are being shared. You are not forced to do so, although if you decide not to, don't be surprised when you aren't receieving as much feedback or comments as you had hoped for. Give a little & get a little!

  • Remain active..
    • Club activity is one of the most appreciated actions out of all. Post messages, reply to threads, comment on artworks, give advice, assist members that ask for help, etc. Anytime you have a question, idea, or suggestion for the club, always feel free to PM a club leader!

  • Most of all, enjoy yourself and have a good time!..
    • We encourage everyone to have a good time, feel comfortable, speak their mind, be open to sharing your Art with us all. We have rules here that do not allow Club members to be disrespectful, rude, or leave critism that is non-constructive. So just remember that your work is welcome to be shared here, and extremely encouraged.
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