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A place for the furries on this site of nerds.


Furry Pride STEAM group - Join chat! Our official STEAM group
Website news Alright due to unanimous consent, Marble will be our design, I shall begin work on the preliminary designs to get some opinions of the design. Update!

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Holy moly, why are you still here? This club's been dead for years. If there's a demand for it though, please ping Liko @likoclave on Twitter.

 Welcome! Welcome to the FPSBanana's Furries club! You've chosen or been chosen to relocate to one of FPSBanana's finest club settings. I thought so much of starting this club that I elected to establish my administration here, in FPSBanana so thoughtfully provided by... Tom. I've been proud to call this club one of my greatest successes. And so, whether you are here to stay or passing through, away to parts unknown...welcome to FPSBanana's Furries! It's safer here. Yeah... Welcome to "FPSBanana's Furries." This club is designed for people in the FPSBanana community who share an interest in anthro/furry art as well as possibly the furry fandom itself. This is the club for furries, therians, and anthro fans alike. 

What do we do?

If you are an artist, you can post a topic in which you can display your art. If not, then that's ok, there are other things to do like RPs, discussions, and even videos.  

What is this club's purpose?

We are the Furry Pride group of FPSBanana. There's one on STEAM and one at Face Punch Studios, FPSBanana inevitably now has one too. If you're a furry, then join, if not, do as you wish, just don't join if you hope to bash us.

What is restricted?

Of course furry bashing is frowned upon very much, and would definitely get you kicked out of the club. But at the same time, I would like to keep any pornographic art to minimum; preferably none at all. Also if people show off artwork or an animation and request criticism or none at all, it is advised that you yield to their request. On another note, if you are into vore, watersports, or any other subsector of the fandom, it is advised (but not required) to ask before posting any material related to that subsector simply because some members probably wouldn't really care to see it.


  • Abide by FPSBanana's Rules
  • Please respect the wishes of club members if they aren't too farfetched.
  • Do not discriminate; so thus, I back up my point of no furry bashing once more
  • Respect style: meaning, if some one is more/less into a subsector of the fandom than you and you don't like what they do, just ignore them.
  • No trolling: It's as simple as that, you troll, you're reported.
  • This isn't the blackhole: This means you shouldn't act like an idiot intentionally or persist in nothing but memes. Basically, if you're annoying some one, stop. Simple as that.
So if you're a furry, like furries, have something remotely to do with furries, or simply like anthros, then join FPSBanana's Furries. Also if you are at all curious about the fandom, please do not hesitate to pop by and ask a modest/legitimate question. We don't bite. Suggested threads: Liko's notice: I would like to let you all know, this isn't as much of a club as it is a gathering. We all have an equal responsibility here in other words. Only difference is that I can actually kick people out if need be. Hopefully I won't have to do that though. Also, anyone who whines, especially those outside the club, about anything in the club will most likely be ignored and even the opposite will happen. Membership to this club is now open house. However, any spam/trolling will result in going back to request only. Have friends who have an interest in furry? Tell them about us!


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