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[CS:GO Mod]

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[CS:GO Mod]

This is [CS:GO Mod]


What is [CS:GO Mod]?
[CS:GO Mod] was a project originally started with Alin A.K.A. FunnkyHD and TheZombieDon (me) from Gamebanana ( to port over weapon / skin content from CS:GO into CS:S in the highest quality possible with them being most online-compatible packs on Gamebanana, too. The mod packs usually consisted of "themed" releases, such as colors or beasts, and have gained a huge following since it's initial releases on Gamebanana and have gained front-page medals and awards numerous amounts of times and has thousands upon thousands of downloads altogether. Long since FunnkyHD's ban on Gamebanana, TheZombieDon has taken the role of the sole creator and full-porter of the content found in today's releases of [CS:GO Mod] packs. These mod packs feature skins released in new updates, knives, and gloves as well. The primary goal was to provide as much "crossover" from CS:GO into CS:S for the weapons and not anything else. This mainly included models, skins, sounds, and even shaders. As of the Default Mod and, more recently, the CS20 Mod, these are the most up-to-date mods featured on Gamebanana. TheZombieDon plans to release every upcoming case, collection, knife, and weapon update that comes to CS:GO. Want to know the only downside to his mods? Waiting for the release of them. The mods are delicately worked on from scratch, or from a previous mod base (The Default Mod pack was worked off the Sport Gloves mod that is set to release in 2020 and the CS20 mod pack was worked off the Default Mod pack) to allow for faster mod creation. Putting in quality over quantity has been a huge consideration to TheZombieDon, but he has always considered that lower end-users of the mods might experience lower FPS issues with textures that're higher than 1024x1024, so he defaulted every texture to that, and didn't touch any other texture that's lower than that set texture resolution to compensate for the lower-end PC users of CS:S. This is to also compensate for file size, as the upcoming Sport Gloves mod is already ~1.3 GB in size at 1024x1024 textures. 2048x2048 would result in nearly double that file size. In conclusion, [CS:GO Mod] was made for those looking to experience the skins from CS:GO in CS:S, whether it's the oldest skins on some new gloves, or the newest skins and knives on the default gloves (hint hint).


[CS:GO Mod] Aims to port skins, weapons, knives, and gloves content from CS:GO into CS:S in "Mod Packs" for the masses of Gamebanana and the Counter-Strike: Source community.


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