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Rushy Servers is the home to many beloved and heavily customised gamemodes for Team Fortress 2, Killing Floor 2, Left 4 Dead 2 and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, among other titles. In Team Fortress 2, these gamemodes range from Achievement/Idle and Zombie Survival to other oddities such as Smash Bros. and Super Zombie Fortress. This page contains links to all of the custom-made GameBanana-hosted Team Fortress 2 maps that Rushy Servers currently uses, categorised by server. Rushy Servers map developers are listed above as avatars.

Smash Bros.

Smash Bros. Fort Blast Pro
Smash Bros. Winc (Rushy Version)

Wacky Maps

Arena Baggage
Arena Boxing Ring
CP Hybrid
Domination Standin
KOTH Tools
Invade CTF Freight
TFKart SMK Mario Circuit 4

Zombie Survival

CP Hybrid
Zombie Survival Dust II
Zombie Survival Dustbowl
Zombie Survival Hoodoo
Zombie Survival Inferno
Zombie Survival Rottenburg
Zombie Survival Skyscraper 17
Zombie Survival Steel
Zombie Survival Turbine
Zombie Survival Viaduct tracking pixel