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Flagging Experts - A Club


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Fear us!


This club was created to tell people that that if their submission is improper by flagging it! We mainly watching over the CS 1.6 skins section, the rest the other games/sections as well.

Contact the "founder" for more info. 

Rules of this club:

- Be nice to each other, we're flaggers, we we're in the same team! No friendly fire (But that doesn't means that we won't flag each other submissions- if it's improper, regardless you're a member of this club.)!

 - You must be active in this club. To prove your activity, post comments here more often! If not, you will end up for being classified as an "Inactive Member" and getting removed!

- We're defend Gamebanana from submissions without any proper credits, information, or/and screenshots, not a club to spread any hate towards any other specific members.

- Please watch over any other games section often, we're the Flagging Experts!

- Every time you add a flag, please give a valid reason instead of spamming flag because you don't like that person. Example: Improper credits, reason- Please, fix the credits.

- This is a not place that allows you to spam. If you're to spam, go somewhere else.

- It's okay if someone comes here and starts a conflict, but if you're a member of this club, please ignore it. If you start to fightback, not because we're acting like all high and mighty, you might resulted getting a banbecause we do not wish to see the conflict here continue to spread on.

You must obey these rules.

- We are correcting people by flagging their submissions, we are NOT BULLYING MEMBERS! I repeat, we are not bullying members!
- It's okay if you're not that active, but please do post/report anything once/twice in a week, or just tell us why and how long you're going inactive, that's all.
- If you are a member of this club and you're classified as an Inactive member, what should you do? If you really found nothing wrong to flag, is okay, but the problem is that you rarely being active all the time. As we said earlier, give us the reason why you can't be always active, and you're all set.
- If you're a member of this club, you are not only rarely submit flags, but if you are found assisting improper submissions(By rating them 10, simply ignore the details/credits and say "nice work!"), you will be labelled as a Maverick. You will be remove shortly if you are labelled as a Maverick. To change this, condemn yourself by submitting flags on improper submissions.
- If you're a member of this club whom submissions are improper, please do fix the necessary changes as soon as possible, especially when it's withheld, you might end up getting removed from the club! 

If you think you can follow the rules above and are interested in this club, please consider joining us! 

- Flagging Experts


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