The Blackhole

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Welcome To The Coolest Club On The Internet!

  1. Same rules as the website
  2. Be an idiot
  3. Don't be an idiot
  4. No French
  5. rape is moe
  6. No Rules

Welcome to the nostalgia bar! Where we talk about cocks, and draw pictures of penises entering each others body.


"Banned 19/01/09

You show no respect for any form of authority or for the rules of this site. Even when you are obviously wrong and when administrators and moderators quote the rules--no matter how hard they quote those rules--you are always convinced that you are right and that those who act against you are abusing their powers for the sake of being bitches. You are the leader of a group of people who don't care for this site, who will never admit that they are wrong and who think that any opposition infers abuse or personal grudge. It is time to purge the site of your insubordination and utter unconcern for the rules." - Ben-Hur's ban
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