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Spawndex is the BEST EVAR ! - A Club


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New non-spammage clubbage, for the all hail of Spawndex. Note to dipshits : Lots of people didnt leave this club, the old club got trashed because of faggots spamming it time and time again. THE SPAWNDEX FANCLUB. OH YES. OH MY. OH . OH DEAR. MMHMHMMH . SPARKLE SPARKLE. Some of you may know him as Jerry, Jeremy , Jeremiah or quite possibly as 'The love machine'. (well the one thats always out for repairs, anyway). But the bottom line is HE SUCKS, dont fucking listen to him, ever. He'll get you killed, shit on your corpse then do a jig on your grave. And thats what he does just for laughs. besides punching orphans in their FUCKING FACES. the CUNTS. the parentless CUNTS. ------------------------------------------------------ =CLUB SLOGAN : I LIKE CAMELS UP A HILL Greetings! A wild Spawndex Rotary Club has appeared! Though the only thing that rotates here is the kiddie porn in the dvd drive, we shall do our best to make you feel unwelcome! I thought the coolest person on this site should have their own dedicated fanclub but Joston didn't want one so i asked Spawndex instead. ODE TO SPAWNDEX We are faggots we are nubs, We are Spawndex rotary club. We love spawndex all day long, Even though he wears that thong. We will always follow him, Even though he has an ass like a bin. Even though we are dim, The Spawndex Rotary Club is total win! and jerry is a fucking cunt who doesn't even deserve a capital letter but what do I know, my names josh and im a bed wetter Attack the babies down NSPCC Destroy them all 1,2,3 Sponge bath's for the old Scrub under each fold Spawnsex is the future spawnsex is here Anyone got any spare gear :D By Noir and Calmu <3 ----------------------------------------------- To enter this club you must be at least one of the following: - Aids free - Awesome - Fan-Dabby-Doobie - British (not Scottish) - Hate Spawndex - Despise Spawndex - Love Spawndex - Want to make hot, hot love to Spawndex - Wear Elastane - Pregnant with Spawndex's child - A Jelly bean/Fruit Pastel/Mars Bar - A Biblical figure - Be dating his mother - Bi-uncurious - Have the reflexes of a ninja - Jeremy - Live in Jostonville - Pay Spawndex or cheezit- £2$ Must have been in the chat with joston... so no mini :O - Dedicate your life to knee implants for little people - Have a Mangina - Like the feel of a nice, cold sharpie pen on your asscheeks - Be Butt Naked - Must have knowledge to make your own condoms out of tree bark. - Be able to kick yourself in the head - Be able to give yourself a blowjob - Have a vagina You get the idea.. WCC is banned for life for being a douchebag that stands around in respawns flapping his mangina at people ALL HAIL YOUR ONE TRUE OVERLORD


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