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New Notifications System - A Blog Post for GameBanana.

Hey Bananites - Happy New Year!

Today Ring-A-Ding Rampage, s0nought and I launched the new Notification system that replaces Alerts. The new system is much like the old appearance wise, but has been completely rebuilt to be more efficient and flexible and it's also decoupled from the Activities (which will also be rewritten soon), which was causing a lot of over-complexity and poor performance.

The new system will need some tweaks, but here are some of the key benefits:
  1. Notifications are now instantaneous.
  2. Notifications take up much less DB space than before and can be retained indefinitely.
  3. Notifications support contextual links - IMO this is a simple but major improvement - Notifications like Buddy requests now include a link to your Manage Buddies page. This is a huge help particularly for new members. There are variety of other contextual links like this (e.g shortcut to the Thankers and Likers pages).
  4. Various bugs fixed like strange anomalies when notifications are about yourself.
  5. Notifications now show uPics when the subject is a member (and the member has a uPic)

We are aware of some issues like Pagination which will be resolved as we get more data to work with. Pagination is particularly tricky because the way notification are merged together.

In other news, we also added Section Counts to the search area when no section is selected. 

Let us know what you think and if you encounter bugs please report them in either #site-bugs on our Discord, or in the Bugs section.

Past Notifications

Please note that we unfortunately could not import the old notifications because the way they worked is completely different to the new. The old system stored actual notifications in the database, while the new system generates the notifications in real-time based on stored properties. If we get a lot of folks needing their old notifications back we could set up a temporary page showing old notifications for a couple of months.
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  • cool
    its cool
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    Welp, I'm dead.
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    I love notifications, they never disappear even i already read them.
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    YTCommenter | not ded cuz we
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    IND Industry!
    Anyone else experiencing "No Notifications" in Personal and Global?

    I even tried raising a ticket via support but now I think I'm not even getting a notif for that.
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    Slicin' My Way 2 TOP!
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    Have been using it for a few days, and to be honest, it feels "modernized" as designed. The adaptation period is almost non-existent as it's the same layout but now with better grouping and contextual hints. Unlike last time...  
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    The Funkin' Modders
    i prefer the old ones but these are still kinda cool
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  • ok

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    4mo 4mo
    Alerts Notifications icon still doesn't light up as blue. Sad, it's my favorite color :'(
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    Hi, how you doing? :D
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    These new notifications are glitchy. When I mark something as seen, the blue box will come back when I go to a different page.
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    Your average sprite ripper
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  • COOL
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    OldBanana Development
    4mo 4mo
    The new system's design is a lot more compact and I like it a lot. There's very little space for notifications, so the short appearance without any thumbnails just seems right. I also like the use of upics where possible.

    It's a lot snappier and delivers alerts immediately like it used to back in 2020, a welcome return to form.

    My only complaint is that the old Activity tab which is still in use is now permanently stuck unread at all times, while the new Alerts tab doesn't ever light up. but since that's being replaced (and gamebanana usually never goes more than a month without an update like this) I'm sure that will be fixed

    P.S. tom pls fix string

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    tom pls fix
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