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MW2019/BOCW to CS:GO Port Project - A Blog Post for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive


Weapon Addition Update #2 | AN-94 13d
  • - Added (MW2019) AN-94 to Imgur library.
Added the (MW2019) AN-94 that I ported over from MW2019 Warzone to CS:GO's HLMV/Source Engine. Transparent magazine included.

All images shown are subject to change, and may not be the final representation of the product(s) shown.
Weapon Addition Update #1 | Stoner 63 Road Mongrel 14d Addition

TheZombieDon's project to port over MW2019/BOCW's entire arsenal to CS:GO.

1. Introduction

This project aims to bring Modern Warfare 2019 and Black Ops: Cold War's arsenal* (yes, the latest blueprints too up until I get tired or too lazy to do so) to CS:GO with features that expand some of the gameplay with these ports even further than most mods that are available for CS:GO (MIGI, for example). There's already a few readily finished and available (some for MIGI, some unavailable/private), but I'm going over them once more. The end goal: Every weapon / blueprint from the listed games ported, ready for animations to be rigged onto them, materialized and textured so that they look and feel the same way they do in their given titles.

Update: This is going to be turned into a huge project for CS:GO. Gameplay with these ports will include features rarely seen in newer CS:GO mods, and some that aren't even featured. More info to come.

Asking for download links will be ignored, there are no download links for what I have ported so far for this project. Please read the FAQ below.

I am also working alongside "AlbanyKnight" to fulfill these ports into CS:GO if he sees fit to do so with me, but not everything will be ported into CS:GO (unless stated otherwise).

*Weapons that have their own effects/particle effects will not contain their effects due to Greyhound not having the ability to export said particle effects attached to their given weapons. This is subject to change until further notice.

2. Progress

MW2019's default Assault Rifles and Pistols have been fully ported over, but only a few are fully materialized. The Imgur link will be updated as time goes on, as well as this entire blog post.

3. FAQ (This is subject to change.)

Will these weapons be available as a public download?
I'm not sure yet, I am considering it for widespread usage on the Source Engine as a public download for every file. Materials might be included too, but do keep in mind they were made mainly for CS:GO's shaders. But if I do, authorship crediting is required for the porting work done on these files. Sounds / animations will not be included with these files. Those are to be extracted at your own leisure. 

Do you plan on rigging the animations to these weapons?
Er... that's not my job, nor do I know how to do that. I'm just doing the grunt work and getting them ready to use on the Source Engine / CS:GO.

Who else is working on porting these weapons with you?
Nobody. I'm porting the files myself, creating the .smd files, and converting/manipulating the existing textures over to the Source Engine. The only people helping are those that are actually doing everything after I had ported the models / textures, which is the animating and finalizing into an actual add-on. 

What games are the weapon ports meant to be used on?
Mainly CS:GO due to how the material structure is set up. Other games on the Source Engine may need the materials / textures tweaked in order to obtain the same appearance achieved on CS:GO's shader engine if I happen to release these as a public download.

Any deadline/expected time to have everything finished?
Nope - I have a job so don't expect these to be 100% finished within a few months. This is a very large project.

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