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Tips for Experienced Members - A Blog Post for GameBanana

1. Don't trash your ideas!

Alot of people trash their ideas after they get downvoted into oblivion. DON'T!!! Instead, keep it public so that the comments and downvotes will be available for future reference. Site staff can take a look at it and understand what ideas are bad and why. Keeping them untrashed also prevents duplicates. Just because your idea isn't loved by everyone doesn't mean it hasn't helped! Exploring new opportunities for improvement is ALWAYS a step in the right direction!

2. Mark as Exemplary!

If someone in a Question thread has helped you, MARK IT AS THE TOP ANSWER! Doing so will generate 50-ish points on their account, improve their Exemplifications count, and will encourage them to keep being helpful in the future. Rewarding others for being good teammates is never a bad idea!

If someone ever forgets to mark your post as top answer and you feel you deserved it, don't be afraid to file a support ticket or kindly remind them. Just don't beg for it, point farming isn't cool.

3. Look for Positions Available!

So many studios are looking for members yet nobody seems to read their ads! They exist for a reason! Go investigate!

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    I feel studios have become obsolete here. And, I maybe wrong, but one reason is due to the stringent studio rules.

    I've had a history of butting heads with mods and admins about studio rules. My problem is GB takes studios too seriously, like a real game dev and not as a couple of members working on a certain game and theme.

    Take for example our studio, CSGO Ports. Some of our submissions got taken away as studio submissions because only one member worked on them. Where as we were working individually so we could collect all our stuff into a CSGO client, which, if you think about it, is a very studio type of thing to do.

    In retrospect, they should've named them 'Groups' instead of 'Studios' and give members more freedom. More freedom = more fun. More fun = more life on studios/groups. I mean come on, think about it. What bad thing is going to happen if this submission falls under this studio or that. If I made something alone and chose to place it under this studio's banner, that's my choice, not anyone else's...
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    The Lone-Wolf
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    And here's me, waiting for my manager application to be accepted for two months now ._.
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    This is because I trashed my old idea, which was bombarded by disagreement but later was implemented soon after, right?

    Alternatively, I could just check my Gmail and send you the replies, before the trashed.
    Don't DM me for stuff
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