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Upcoming Submissions - A Blog Post for GameBanana

Pending Submissions have been renamed Upcoming Submissions and the area has been improved to appear more like the game home page. The main game page ( only for games that have pending queues ) has been renamed to Approved Submissions.

Upcoming submissions can now be liked. They still can't be featured and points do not get awarded until they get approved.

Ultimately we're currently fighting a losing battle trying to moderate the FNF submission queue as submissions are being added faster than we can go through them. As such this change has been made to try alleviate the issues of being stuck in a 3000 long submission queue, instead trying to turn it into a more permanent area where submissions may stay for quite some while. The Game Managers, Moderators and Admins will still be moderating the list, withholding rule breaking submissions, removing the very low quality submissions and approving mods that are of high quality.

Friday Night Funkin' continues to push our site with unprecedented challenges and we continue to have to adapt but we hope with everyone's patience we will manage to end up with it all running smoothly.
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    I am proposing a user interface design change that will allow us to better move forward with the concept of letting the community choose what they want to see approved, without sacrificing manual intervention.
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    I'm not too sure about the "More likes, gets approved automatically" thing. What if someone group together to like one of their friend's mods that are low effort/quality and later get accepted by the system?

    Knowing people, they always look for a workaround to break the system like "Accidentally" submit their FNF mods to the wrong game section and let a Moderator or Admin to transfer that to the right section and gets automatically approved.
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    I remember a time when it was Baldi's modders  that caused mayhem here. Sadly, the trend I see is when the FNF scene dies down, another game is going to cause headaches for you guys...
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