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The Legend of the Ostryche - Prologue - A Blog Post for GameBanana

So I've decided to submit a story that I've written, in individual chapters on Gamebanana, going by the title of this blog, "The Legend of the Ostryche". I'll be submitting individual chapters either weekly or monthly (Depending on the pace I write). For now, this is the basic prologue and the description of the place I'm going to take you in. Hope you'll like it.


      This story is based around the concept of existence of different dimensions, or as if others like to put it, universes, with every single one of them being ever so slightly different than the one in which we live in. I made the concept going in the opposite direction; drastic changes, with ever so slightly similar. For this dimension where the story takes place, the earth is known as Terra. You’ll notice similarities as you read on. Ostryche is a drastically changed representation of our China, with the inhabitants following slightly similar traditions and cultures. Similar, as to put as coincidental similar. No, this wasn’t actually a coincident, but I wrote it in a way that it has to be thought of as a coincidental difference.

     With this out of the way, here’s a brief description of Ostryche:



       Ostryche is a name given to a group of large landmasses that make up one of the five continents on Terra. It’s located further from the other continents, surrounded by the ocean of Ostrithia. This isolates it from land communication with the other continents; the only possible way being through the ocean itself. The landmasses themselves are divided into three; the largest one being in the middle, the two others wrapping around it by each side, with a few smaller islands scattered around them. The main landmasses are individually named; the middle one being known as the Ator, the eastern one known as Nataoil, and the western one going by the alias Daykita.

A really rough sketch of Ostryche's map.

        The name of this continent is derived from the ancient Wolf Deity, who is believed to be the one who gave life to everything there is on Terra. According to this belief, Ostryche was a two headed wolf; one being of a female, the other of being a male, towering over 100 feet into the skies that descended down from the heavens. Through its blood and soul, it gave birth to life; the ones that live on the land, and those who swim in the water, and the ones who took the winds as their home. Once its body was derived of any blood, and its soul blessed upon Terra, it ascended back into the skies, with the dust of his remains forming the very first stars in the skies.

                                                      Here, he’s worshipped as a God of life, with his essence being present among the aggregation of the twilight, among the waves of the ocean; the winds whispering in the skies, within the musicale of the melody, in the smile within the gradient of eves, the one whose essence blessed upon the life of Terra.

        Instead of consisting established cities, villages of varying sizes are scattered among the lands. Ator houses the largest village, often referred to as the Capitol, where the largest temple dedicated to Ostryche is located, with other smaller temples present in every village. Capitol is where the main politics is located, from where the rules are directed to every other village. A dense forest surrounds the Capitol; extending to the northern islands, almost extending towards Daykita. Towards the northern shores of the forest, there are the cliffs of Psithyra. These cliffs extend to thousands of miles into the skies, and from them flows the river of Katha, crossing between the Capitol and branching off towards Daykita and Nataoil. The cliffs are Psithyra are famous for their eerie whispering tunes, as the wind flows among them.

The cliffs of Psithyra

         The Southern shores of Nataoil house the largest harbor in Ostryche, where every business, travel and merchant ship docks and departs. Smaller docks are established all across Daykita and Ator, but they’re mostly established for either fishing or for docking in smaller ships. Ostryche’s main income is from the trading of a cloth named ‘soiel’, which is crafted from a plant that’s native to the lands of Ostryche. Soiel plants can be found all over Ostryche, though they’re more prominently planted in Daykita, which yields twice the amount annually than Ator and Nataoil paired together. Plantation of the said plants has been tried elsewhere besides Ostryche, but the plant dies out as soon as it grows, and if it actually manages to grow, it never seems to yield the fruit from which the material is harvested from.  

         With the greater temple exists in Capitol, Ator, two subsidiary temples also exist; one in Nataoil, and the other one in Daykita, residing in the villages named Astori and Ourenria respectively. Rules and orders are directed throughout the Capitol, they’re then passed down to these subsidiary temples in Astori and Ourenia to be directed throughout Nataoil and Daykita.

         Within the temples, the fighting art of “Solyk Klo” (Which in our language, roughly translates as the Wolf’s Claw.) is taught. It’s a fluid fighting style, as the ideology of the Ostrythian people goes as ‘to be like water’, being able to adapt to whatever situation thrown at you, with the ability to keep the flow, as the flowing water never becomes stale. It is taught to the disciples, a term given to anyone who comes up to the temple with the intention of being taught. If an orphan is to learn there, the temple becomes liable to provide the said orphan a home, meals, and look after their education (along with their siblings, if they have any.) This only happens if they haven’t got a guardian to look after them once they’ve become an orphan.

          Solyk Klo is a style which teaches the art of fighting by the usage of fists, elbows, knees, and feet as striking weapons, with the style not being bound to systematic fixed routines, being fluid and broken in rhythm, which allows the fighter to be unpredictable. It originated as a solution to fix the systematic rhythm being a weak point against fighter, as it put them to the risk of becoming ‘too predictable’. At first, this art was solely taught to the selected disciples of the temple, whose origins rooted from the families of the priests and the soldiers, but as the popularity of the style grew, disciples were then chosen from the villages themselves.

We'll be going onto our mysterious legend soon...

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    I love how this is going already, can't wait for the first chapter :D
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    Loving the new artwork.
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