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What I've been up to lately.

A Blog Post for GameBanana

So it's been a while since I submitted a blog post here. Alot has happened since then!

First, let's start off with my computer:

I upgraded to my first ultrawide monitor! It was very weird at first, almost uncomfortable, but I got used to it very fast and I can say I love it alot. Games with low max FOV or where the hud covered too much now feel alot more immersive. Going back to 16:9 is so weird now. It also really helps with video editing since I can see a lot more of the project timeline, which is fantastic.

I unfortunately had to switch back to Windows for dualbooting. Reason? Genshin Impact. My cousin has been addicted to this game recently and wanted to play it with me, but it has a really slimy anticheat that just crashes in WINE. Of course. It's not like the game is private coop and singleplayer only! In my opinion, anticheat is one of the worst evils in the world, but I understand why some people want it.

I was looking for patches to the game or to WINE, but WINE EAC was taken down because it was broken and they were working on getting it unbroken. There was a way to disable the anticheat entirely but MiHiYo patched it out. I was eventually sent a Genshin patch similar to that by someone on the VKx discord (the people making WINE EAC) and they said it was working, but by this point I had already reinstalled Windows and got Genshin working.

Let me tell you, getting Windows set back up was a PAIN IN THE ARSE. I have never spent more time installing drivers in my entire life. You know what you do on Linux? Disable the display manager, fire up the terminal, run the NVIDIA installer, start the display manager again. Congrats, you're ready to play video games. Windows? "Oh, sorry, you can't install that driver, update Windows first, dipshit."

And let me tell you how much I DESPISE Windows updates. In Arch it's just "sudo pacman -Sy". Wait a few minutes. You're up to date, both the system and all your apps. You don't even need to restart (usually). Windows? Nah, wait 30 minutes to 2 hours for a SEVERAL GIGABYTE LARGE patch to download, and if you're on a hard drive, wait an eternity for it to install. And this entire time, you can't use your computer. If you're dualbooting? Have fun sitting there and watching it update, because if you let it do its thing, it will reboot back to your default OS mid-update.

And don't even get me started with how horrible the bootloader is. I migrated Windows to an SSD. Suddenly it doesn't know where it is. OK, that's fine, I'll run bootrec and rebuild the boot config. Oh, you can't access the device? The new SATA drive that's plugged in all the way, works from every other OS, and has no hardware problems? Bullshit.

It took me a while to figure this out, but you have to use the USB to select "boot other OS" and then select Windows, then hope that it works. Update Windows if you can and it will fix itself. Because bootrec, as usual, doesn't do anything. You know your OS is garbage when the magical solution to everything is "Run this program from a USB that nobody understands the workings of, and hope that by some miracle it works, but it usually doesn't." And the built-in Startup Repair is just terrible. I look at the logs and... It's scanning all of this irrelevant stuff! Things that aren't even related to the problem! You know what the problem is, you gave me a detailed error message, fix the damn thing! What's more infuriating is, it will say the OS files can't be found, but when you check the startup logs? It's accessing files from the OS's drive, so clearly it knows where it is. So just FUCKING BOOT!

This is singlehandedly the biggest reason why I prefer Linux. I hate having to deal with the NT kernel, where your ability to even do anything at all is dependent on how Microsoft is feeling that day. I should be able to fix everything myself if I want to! If you're going to take control away from the user, then at the very least, make the automatic repair tools do SOMETHING. 

But angry ranting aside, yes, I got Windows working. And by the way, because I'm lazy and didn't wanna deal with taking my whole computer apart, I just taped the new drive on top of the old one. Terrible idea, please don't do this:

But yeah. Is Genshin fun? Was it worth it? Yeah, I guess. It's basically Breath of the Wild, with a few sprinkles of Trove, and an anime art style. 

But while I was at it, I decided to revisit some games I have not been able to play for a while.

Rainbow Six is a game I used to despise. But as I've come to learn... It's not bad! There's a learning curve but I like it a little!

Valorant, another game I used to absolutely hate, is now one of my favorite shooters. The whole idea of taking classic old-school tactical shooters like Counter-strike and giving it hero-shooter elements to suit different playstyles and encourage teamwork is just genius. Sadly it doesn't support ultrawide though. I even made a Valorant video with my cousin, who has just started streaming on Twitch. I help manage his YouTube channel as well!

But, I have a lot on my plate now. School just started back up, and I have things to do, like:

  • Finish my Starbound mod
  • Make another commentary video for myself to please the YouTube algorithm
  • Make the first video on my cousin's channel to help get it started
  • Make a Spiderman Uber for Q and A studios
  • Make a Cyberpunk Uber for Ninsegabro
  • Make a Concert CSS for my MySpace page. Animated!

I'm planning to make Ninsegabro's Cyberpunk 2077 Uber similar to the ingame menus and HUD, but I'm not entirely sure about the Spiderman one. I have some ideas...
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    You dont have to make it, I just  thought it would be nice to have one
    I could make it myself if that could take off the pressure a bit :)
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Valhallan Alliance needs pixel artists! 

Particularly ones who are good at medium-res 16-bit themed seamless GIF backgrounds, Minecraft resource packs, or Starbound weapon sprites. 

Click here to apply! - BonkMaykr


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