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Supp' with this PUBG craze?

A Blog Post for GameBanana

So there are being so many recent blogs and news letters popping up all 'round lately, and most of them worldwide are regarding towards the coronavirus. However, one little thing that also keeps popping up and has caught my interest, is this mobile game called Pubg. 

What is Pubg? well nothing but a online shooter. Nothing special about it, well at least for me. People around the globe, well especially in Asia, are there to disagree. For them, it is a game carved by the gods themselves and sent to them because their lives solely depends on it. From what I've read, an average teenager there spends like half of their day playing the game. 

I... don't get it?

Can anybody please, tell me what's so special about it? From the numerous news reports I've read, teens from Pakistan are commiting suicide just because they're not able to finish a certain mission?


And in India, one man claimed the life of his father after he refused to reload his internet mbs so he can compete online. Wow. Just. Wow.

I don't seem to get it yet. What is it? What's so special about it? 

To me, it's nothing more than a shitty version of Battlefield games. Hell, even John Romero agrees with me! When the father of the modern fps considers you crap, there's no point of being in the market anymore.

 Even if your team takes your vehicles away and leaves you stranded in Battlefield, you still are bound to see some on foot action. In this crap, you just para in, hope to lord you don't get tangled and bugged in a prop, hope to lord your team doesn't gets the weapons, chase planes for items, only to be shot off by some hacker.

I've heard that Pakistan also imposed a ban over this, to which teens are getting out on strikes? IT'S A FUCKING GAME! A SHITTY ONE THAT IS! Their slogans are way more ironic than I think they should be. "Digitalize Pakistan!" Lol, what? how come you're going to digitalize your country by playing a no good awful rip off of a mobile game? What good will it bring for your country? The illiteracy rates in your country are soaring high in the skies! Why the hell are you treating it like your damn lives depend on it?! Pleading Prime ministers on twitter to unban it? Just for a damn shitty game?

What's more annoying, that a typical Pubg player won't stop to despise the others. "Oh you don't play Pubg? How do you live?" well I do survive on food, water and air, thank you. If they find someone playing a game they like, for example, Counter-Strike, criticism will soar from the sky that I'm playing a 20 year old game. Well screw you bud, this 20 year old game is like 500 times way more better than the crap your'e used it. No thanks, I'm sticking to my own guns. Say that PUBG sucks. Say it once. You'll be the most hated person in their list by then. "Get gud at it." It's like telling someone you have diarrhea and all he tells you that you should shit correctly. "OmG yOu don't know how creative it is! how fun it is!" Like what? Bruh I had more fun taking a dump than playing a shitty Tps crammed into a fps, with a new game mod that's basically nothing more than a crappy version of the Team Deathmatch?!

I know that I shouldn't be swearing a lot like that, but that's how I felt it, and I believed it'll be the way I'll express it. Sure that I'll get a lot of hate heat from the lovers of the game (Lol, it's a great word; Hate Heat. Let's start using that. I made it. I copyrighted it.) But, I'm also quite sure that a lot of people will agree with me. 

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    Summed up. 
    if anything makes them feel better and accepted in life other than video games, They might not get addicted to it.
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    Battle royale games aren't all that bad in their own right. It's basically just a deathmatch/team deathmatch mode in a larger environment. The gameplay is nothing too impressive in most cases, but like Ninsegabro pointed out, there are a lot of people in the community for battle royale games that take the game way too seriously, which usually kills it for others.
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    Rev up those G-Diffusers.
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    I get your anger, I hate battle royales in general. (Excluding Fall Guys, that's a different story) People take these type of games way to seriously and worship them like Zeus, It can affect your attitude and heck even Your health! I stay away from these types of games, because i hate them, and they might affect me in a Negative way, which i don't want.
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