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BeepPerson Mods (Slight Return) - A Blog Post for GameBanana


4/23/21 Update (Hiatus ig) 7mo
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So I tried modding in TF2C a bit and have had a bunch of issues and don't particularly know how to fix them right now, especially when other mods of the same nature seem to work fine. It could be the software/encoding methods I'm using, or it could be sv_pure being on, I'm not entirely sure.

I have also been focusing on a lot of things in general (anddefinetelynotbeingalazyshitoranything), so with all of this in mind, I still can't say if/when I'd ever make TF2C specific versions of my mods, if anyone did care. Doesn't mean I won't ever submit anything again or not try doing those ports or whatever, just not really a top priority given these issues. That's all for now.
Hi. It's me BeepPerson (also known as MannWithNoHorse or whatever my old name was...)

It's been...a little bit since I've made anything. I'm doing good all things considered, just didn't really have too much inspiration to do mods. But I'm feeling like doing some stuff again. I don't imagine many if any people really care, but just thought I'd write about it anyway.

What you can expect from me in the next X amount of time is:
-Ports of my TF2 mods to TF2 Classic (and perhaps some flat out new ones)
-Possible "remasters" of my old TF2 mods if they need them (or at least reformatting the broken submission page formatting...)
-Mods for other games if I feel like it

What you shouldn't expect from me is any updates/new mods for my Sonic World stuff. Alongside losing interest in the game personally, some semi-recent events related to those mods have made me somewhat uncomfortable to continue. I may still do a little something, but don't hold your breath I suppose.
If anyone would want to continue them themselves, however, I take no offense or objection to that, and anyone reading this has my permission to use the SW mod files however they want (credit is optional, but preferred and probably recommended idk).

That's the gist of everything though, just a semi-pointless notice that I'm back and active at least for now. Hopefully you enjoy the things I put up :)

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