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The Solidus Compendium

A Blog Post for 100% Orange Juice


Version 1.1 1mo
  • - Changed the name of the blog to "The Solidus Compendium"
  • - Added the music mods I shared 08/21/2020
I was a little bored, and decided to check on the mods I've done over the past years, and I decided to make a tier list of them. I've organized them in my own preference taste, and it's based on how well they work in the game. See it as a way of me telling wich ones you should try on if you're a fan of the genre or the game I took them from, and wich ones you should avoid at all costs. I'm also sharing links so you don't have to search them. This is mainly done to have all my bgm mods in one place, to re-visit them, and show off in case some good ones have been missed. They are sorted in order I uploaded here in Gamebanana, but I may re-organize them and filter them by character instead later. Without further ado, let's go.


*Fire Emblem Heroes Home Menu for the lobby
*Theme of Zangief for Yuki (Dangerous)
*Edgeworth's Great Revival for Peat
*WWE Worlds Apart for Saki
*Fight for Kae
*Beware the Forest's Mushrooms for Miusaki
*Time to make history for Alicianrone
*I'll face myself (Reincarnation) for Lulu
*Reach out for the truth for Kai
*The Almighty for Mio
*Wiping all out for Tomomo
*Tanaka's Amazing Commodities for Arthur


*NJPW Rain Maker for Kyosuke
*Icarus for Suguri
*Grand Blue for Starbreaker
*Lazy Days for Tomomo (Casual)
*Le Train for Sham
*This Fire Burns for Kae
*Hoshiiro Girldrop OP for Mimyuu&Tomato
*Swordfish for Suguri (Ver. 2)
*I am Impact for Shifu Robot
*Ice Cage for Tsih
*Ship Deck 2 for Krilalaris
*The Brave Decision for Nanako
*Still Alive for Alte
*Book III Boss theme for Starbreaker
*Disturbance in Agustria for Ceoreparque
*Vega Stage for Fernet
*NJPW Devil's Sky for Sweetbreaker
*WWE Rebel Heart for Syura
*shadowgraph for Sora
*WWE Blood for Krilalaris
*WWE No one will Survive for Starbreaker
*Pokémon Center (Remix) for Natsumi
*Gorgeous Musical Castle (Part 2) for Iru
*Fódlan Winds for Tequila
*Kaze yo Tsutaete for Nico
*ARMS GP Official theme song for Nath
*Mist for Final Stage 1
*Iwatodai Dorm for the lobby
*Signs of Love for the Menu
*Perfect Dark Credits for Sweetbreaker
*Live before you Die for Kae


*WWE The Second Coming for Kae 
*WWE Next Big Thing for Store Manager
*Collective Consciousness (Instrumental) for Shifu Robot
*With Mila's Divine Protection (Echoes) for Fernet
*The Grand Finale for Tomomo (Sweet Eater)
*Rendezvous for Hime
*Sky Clad Observer for Alte
*WWE The Next Voyage for Krilalaris
*0² for Sweetbreaker
*Gate of Steiner for Sora
*Yell Dead Cell for NoName
*Discussion -HEAT UP- for Kai
*Discussion -BREAK- for Yuki Dangerous
*Port of Adia for Seagull
*The Steel Samurai (Cadenza) for Sherry
*Junko Enoshima's theme for Tomomo
*Theme of Juri for Kiriko
*Magical Girl of Miracles for Tomomo
*Spring for Miusaki
*Truth for Sora (Military)
*Battle against a True Hero for Tomomo (Sweet Eater)
*CORE for Roboball
*Western Land for Chicken
*Against the Dark/Black Knight for Flying Castle
*Attack for Sora (Military)
*Theme of Sakura for QP (Dangerous)
*WWE Free the Flame for Kae
*Ripple Star for Yuki
*The Time is Now for Tsih
*Helper for QP
*On Alert for Syura
*Summer for Miusaki
*Vs. Metal Gear for Nath
*Apollo Justice Objection! 2013 for Kai
*Child of Magic 2007 for Marie Poppo
*Fall for Miusaki
*Re-Awake for Tomomo (Sweet Eater)
*Psycho Mantis theme for Kiriko
*Book III Map theme for Sweetbreaker
*The Devoted for Tequila
*Atsuku Nare for Sham
*Wizpig Challenge for Tomomo
*Xmas Shooting Scramble!! Nico's theme 2
*A stranger I remain for Alte
*Red Sun for NoName
*WWE Is Christmas Ready? for Aru (Scramble)
*WWE Yeah Baby for Mei
*Sloprano for Store Manager
*Cynthia's theme for Tomomo (Casual)
*Cynthia Battle theme for Tomomo (Sweetbreaker)
*Transformed Oedo Castle (Part 2) for Mira
*Chikatto Chika Chika for Natsumi
*Aztlán for Sweetbreaker
*Master of Puppets (Solo) for Yuuki
*Saga's incident for Sherry
*Galar Gym Leader Battle for Tomomo (Casual)
*Marnie Battle theme for Krilalaris
*Edge of Dawn (Seasons of Warfare) for Suguri (Ver. 2)
*Old Snake (techno remix) for Suguri 46B
*Fire Emblem Three Houses Main Theme (Super Smash Bros. Ultimate) for Kae
*Paths that will never cross for Islay
*Redo for Kai
*Styx Helix for Kyoko
*Paradisus-Paradoxum for Starbreaker
*Hacking to the Gate for Nanako
*Brinstar (Melee) for Iru
*A New World Fool for Yuki
*Snowflakes for Aru


*Attack Ship X for Nath
*Brave Heart for Tomomo (Sweet Eater)
*Skull Heart Arrhythmia for Tomomo
*Spear of Justice for Tomomo (Casual)
*Individualist for Sora
*Gate of Steiner for Sora (Military)
*Okey Dokey for Tomomo (Casual)
*Winter for Miusaki
*Xmas Shooting Scramble!! Natsumi's theme
*Obertura for Flying Castle
*Galar Gym Leader Final Pokémon for Tomomo (Sweet Eater)
*N64 Rainbow Road (remix) for Sumika
*A place to rest for Tomomo (Casual)
*The Apex of the World for Tomomo (Sweet Eater)
*Lost Woods (Remix) for Ellie


*Syura's theme from QP Shooting Dangerous
*Ryu Stage for Peat
*Okay, Everyone! (Natsuki) for QP
*Megalovania for Syura
*Mulaka Main theme for Aru
*High Quality Rip for Aru
*Forestcraft Arisa theme for Marie Poppo (Mixed)
*NJPW Stardust for Tomomo (Casual)
*Surface for Kyoko
*vs Eternatus 3 for QP (Dangerous)


*Havencraft Eris for Saki
*Turnabout Sisters 2016 for Marc
*K2g for Cuties
*God Shattering Star for Mio


*Mr. Monokuma's Class for Marie Poppo

To more in-depth about the tiers:
S-tier: The ones that are perfect 100%. They loop perfectly without me needing to do major edits. The exception as of now is the Yuki Dangerous one. That one is my personal favorite because of the edit effect I got with it, I consider it my masterpiece.

A-tier: They are almost perfect, some of them loop properly, but for one or another reason I don't consider them the absolute perfect mods. Nonetheless, the ones in this tier, as the ones in S-Tier, you can't go wrong with them if you try them

B-tier: The one most populated in this list, because they are the so-so in terms of looping and edits. 

C-tier: They have some defects, like the volume or weird edits that make them not so enjoyable

D-tier: They simply don't loop as well as I wanted, and most of them were made just for the sake of modding the characters BGM

E-tier: They are just bad, I have nothing positive to say about these.

F-tier: Belongs to the trash.
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