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Why i Quit Baldi Modding, Here's Why - A Blog Post for Baldi's Basics.

Im Sorry I Quit now :(

Hello it's Me ddanielslurp Here!

So Here's The Reason Why i Quit Baldi Modding, Here's Why:
About When i Quit Baldi Modding

So I woke up and I see When What is Going on the Baldi Modding Community, Is Literally Toxicer and Immature Right now. and I See my Gamejolt Account is Literally Dying Right now, Because my Mod Populartion is Going Down, Because my Like and Followers are now 2, And I see of dumb Requesters Named HernyBeartage, Asking me to Make "Squirrel Scouts Basics in Education and Learning" And I See his Profile on his Game On this Mod is Already Here, and He Asking to Copy this? nope, I Will Not gonna do it, And He Keeps Begging me to do it again, so I will Gonna Ignore that Mod, And I Was Little bit sad That my Mod Populartion is Dying now.

of Those Requesters Gamejolt Users (Not My Friends Actually)

So I see some Requesters on Gamejolt Shouts That He Saying me to Make Mods like JacksonDrake or anybody, And I hate The Requesters Gamejolt User Saying make a Garbage Mod be Like "PLz MAkE A GrEaT MoD EvEr LIkE JoHn MAdDeN BaSiKs 91 BiRtHdAy BAsH AnD EfK I WaNt yOu dO It rIgHt nOw oR ElSdE I WiLl eNd yYa!" That's Makes me Annoying Like PPCTOT2020 Before on March 26th That on Discord The Cutman clues Discord Server People Hates it too, And I Probably Quit Making a Request Mod on Gamejolt Shouts and I Probably Being Disappointment, That I Gonna Force me to Do it Right now, So I Decided to Disabled Shouts, But i Can't.

About my Mod Populartion

So I Upload a Mod Called Red's Basics in Minigames 2 Orginal by Baldiisagoodperson on Gamejolt, so I See on The Like and Followers are now 2, and 3 Days Later, I T S S T I L L 2, And I Probably Wondering What Happend, So I see my Mod Popluartion, is Dying Right Now, So I Think im Little Sad That Baldi Modding Community is Dying and Toxicer Right now and My Gamejolt Account too, And Im Trying my Best to Make a Great Mod, But Still Makes to 2 or 3 or Whatever, And I Decided to Not Post my Baldi Mods on Gamejolt, Like People are Being Brainwashed on Baldi Modding, So I Wondering Will not Gonna do it

Bestboy087 Friends Toxics

When I Just Look Up Some Gamejolt, and I Got A Comment on Shout Named PPCTOT2020, And Was a Duplicate Username of JCTOT, and I See He Mock LetsplayGames_303 When Hes Going to Make Baldi is Sick of V.1.4.3, and Comment him "If you Make Baldi is Sick Mod, I Will Kill You" and i Was Shocked He Was Being Immature and Toxicer, But Definetly I Didn't Espect, And I Was Talking to Him to Stop, He Said "He Was Gonna Make it Without Baldisisgoodperson" And  I Told him to Stop, and He Said Mock "THaT'S It IM GoInG To VAnDaLiZe yOuR MoDs!" And Me Was Thinking hes Being Immature and Crazy, and Hes Keep Calm and Told me to Chill, But Definetly no, He Was Still Make a Mods of me Made "ddaienlslurp's basics cool Field Trips or idk remember" So I Told him to Change some Improvements, and He Deleted and Making Mod on Scratch instead, But Defiently he was Shocked that I Block him Was a April Fools, and I was Mad That He Was Annoying me, so He Quit Gamejolt, and 3 Hours Later he Made a Alternative Account and He Quit Like 3 Days and Make Alt Account Again, So I Was Confused That What is he Doing? and of Bestboy087 Friends are T O X I C S and Always Immature and Yathamplayz and Now Immature of 11/06/2020, And Bestboy087 Make a Rant on Him and He Was Mad, and His Friends Are Angry and Ready for War, or IDK What Happend, and I Dont Wanna Be Toxic, so Bestboy087 if you Read this, This is a Truth of your Friends are Toxics Thank You!

Vandalize Mods

So i See Some Mods on Cotepus on Second Alt Account, And I Found a Funny First Vandalize Mod is "How to Baldi's Basics Expensive nonexclusive Edition" and I Play it, and it Was Funny and Earrapes That Limon Games Got Deserved That, That Cotepus did, and People Laughing of this Mod and Limon Games Hate it and Think its a Joke, And I Was Trying to Vandalize Limon Games Mods too, But Theres a Some Drama Problem, on 7 Notebooks the CS124 Final Gets Reversed, and Pink Guy his Legs, But CS124 Start to Attack him Why He Put That, and Cotepus Decided to Remove his Credit on the Description, and Cotepus Requested me to Vandalize CS124's Basics of my First Vandalize Mod Ever, and CS124 Saw That, Told him He Was Decided to Do it to Vandalize his own Mod, and 3 Weeks Later He Relased it and Quit Baldi Modding That People are Toxic who Hates my Little Pony Refernce, and They Are Feel Bad for him That He Quit Was Cotepus Fault and Attack and Block him, so my Ideas on 2 Weeks ago Im Going to Vandalize Limon Games Mods, So My First Vandalize Mod is "How to Baldi's Basics Free Disgusting Edition (AKA Lemon's Basics in Delete Limon Games Mods)" That Was my Title Idea, So I Released Like 4 Days Ago, and I Got Gameplay from Russian Youtuber Named Mr DeKart, He Play my Mod, and I Was Happy that He's Sees Him When I Put him on his Mod, And on Im Vandalize 2 Limon Games Mods, and Was Enough, and Cotepus Collab me to Make How to Deviko the unyoutuber Basics, and I Make it like 3 Weeks or 4 Weeks, and Give him a Texture and Sounds and Coding to Change Improvements, and Vandalize Mod Are Now Getting Old and Annoying, and That People Think Their Loud and Annoying and Feel Bad for Limon Games, and I Decided to Quit Vandalize and Cotepus for Poor CS124 and improvements...

So if my Fans and My friends Read this im So Sorry When i Quit Baldi Modding, My Gamejolt Account is Dying and my Mod Popluartion Dying too, So I Decided to Quit, if i gonna do More mods, it's Getting worse on Baldi Modding Community on Gamejolt, and I hate those Bobby Accounts on Gamejolt Posting Nudes and Attacking on Five Nights At Freddys Community Studio and Spam to Tag Anyone, and Reqeusters on Gamejolts to Force me to Make a Garbage Mod ( Not My Friends only Unknown Users) So Now Im Done Baldi Modding Right now, And Luckily I Will Make More, if It's Baldi Modding Community is Normal on 2021 or November or something, And I was Watching Those Blogs on GameBanana Their Quit and Leaving, So I leave too, Cause of
- Requesters on Gamejolt Users Force me to Do a Garbage Mod to Make
- Bobbys Accounts on Gamejolt
- Limon Games

- Shashi
- Spams 
- My Account and Mod Popluartion are Dying
- And Drama
So 2020 is a Worst Year I ever Seen, So I Quit And Feel Sad
And My Parents on 2020 are Toxic, Cause IDK Why.
So I Q U I T!
and Bye... for enternity or not....

P.S Plainrock124's Basics Series are Cancelled.
if it Gets Flagged or Witheld, this is stupid.