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Why I consider Hulk Hogan the Worst Wrestler

A Blog Post for GameBanana

Hulkamania is one of the most heard words when it comes to the world of Professional Wrestling. Debuting in 1979, Hulk Hogan has been one of the most recognized faces among the wrestling fans. In spite of his huge popularity, I never personally got to like the Hulkster in any given way. In fact, some of the things he did, even as a babyface, made me dislike him more and more. Note, that this is merely a personal opinion, and as such should not be considered as a hate speech. 

After watching his various matches in his WWF to WCW era, I'd came up with the point that Hulk was in fact, the worst popular wrestler of all time. Here are a few points to reason why I dislike him quite much:

1 - A Cheap and weak moveset

                   Watching his various matches, Hogan's moveset never really expanded that much throughout his career. Heck, he debuted in 1979 and went well into 2000s, and still he never really made his moveset look any good. Often, it would be the same cheap punches, a bodyslam, occasionally a bear hug, and that crappy leg drop. He would sometimes incorporate a bodyslam or a clothesline, but that was it. 

2 - Overacting 

        This is in fact the most obvious reason why I would dislike him. Whenever he steps into the ring, he acts like he has being put in a movie set. Believe me, Hulk managed to make wrestling look as staged as possible. His punches clearly seemed they were not landing at all on his opponent. His leg drop always appeared to land in a specific place that would do no damage at all in reality. Not to mention the hilarious dance he did whenever he was on the edge of losing. In order to understand what I meant to say, refer to the video below:

Most of the time it lead to wonder if his opponent caused him some brain damage or something (Although with that shiny bald spot, it could be at least very much true.)

I guess the most realistic fight the Hulkster ever put up against was Rocky Balboa. At least the cuts and edits made it possible to look real, not to mention the sound effects. Other than that, Hulk can get hit by a truck and make it look as staged as possible, even if it was real after all.

3 - And he kept going

            Ever since his glorious days of feuds with Andre the Giant, the Hulkster's gimmick made him the center of the interest. This however, led him to actually believe it. He considered himself to be the best of all, never putting anyone else over him. Although, in my humble opinion, he should've retired in the late 90s after the end of WCW. And yet he kept on going. He wrestled well into the 2000s. Heck, he even wrestled until he was eventually fired in 2015! (he was re-hired once more.) This made him the poster boy of Professional Wrestling. It's hard for me to believe that with such a weak moveset, and with such exaggerated acting, he made it past the 90s. 

And there you have it folks, the three reasons why I dislike Hulk Hogan. I don't want to spew any hate towards Hulkamania fans. We all have our preferences. Have a nice day folks, or night or... whatever.
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    I'm Hulkamaniac since 95' yr i respect ur opinion, but dont agree with some.  1. Hulkter it's true has not much ring skill, but u watched some of his matches in Japan? He has completelly different ring-skill from WWF/E. In WWE Vince expected more "entertaining" moves from him. 

    2. It's WWE, those guys are some kind of actors mate.

    3. He kept going hmmm... maybe ure right... he should retire in 94, he was filming Thunder in Paradise at the time, next to WCW stage, and (if we can believe in this) Ric Flair and Easy E wanted him to come to WCW cause WCW ratings was bad at the time. And who can get people to watch wrestling in WCW? Of course HH. He agreed after 2 months negotiations. Without that run i would not be nWo

    Everyone have his own tastes, but to this day the Hulkster is the most recognizable name in wrestling who put this bussiness on the map from small territories to large areas. In my country wrestling is not popular (im from Poland), but everyone knows who is that bald guy with square mustache even if they never watch this. I like other wrestlers and love those guys Sting, Macho Man, and others from that era, but Hulkster till my death will be No.1  Cheers  buddy.
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