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Raw is War! revisiting childhood

A Blog Post for GameBanana

Was cleaning out the basement yesterday, and inside one of the boxes, I found a Sega cartridge's faceplate. Upon turning it around, I instantly recognized this lil' guy. The sticker was torn for the most part, but I recognized the cart by Diesel's (Kevin Nash) face in the bottom right of the cartridge. This flooded back instantly those bittersweet memories from the childhood.

This game, that I'm referring to, is WWF Raw, released by acclaim on Sega Genesis (LJN on SNES) in 1994. This game was acclaim's last induction in their WWF 16-bit series. It never ever gained as much popularity as the Firepro wrestling series, but still it is quite a decent piece of video game someone actually created.

Unlike the previous wrestling game I've blogged about, this one was a real deal. Instead of having over the top exaggerated moves, it features real wrestling moves, and unlike it's predecessors, it featured different variety's of moves, in fact a different moveset for each wrestler. Up to 4 players, (Yes, it supported multitap) can compete against each other in the ring in matches like One fall, brawl, bedlam, tag team, Survival, tournament, Royal Rumble, or the Raw Endurance matches. (Inter-gender matches too if you pit against Luna Vachon).

The roster this time included famous wrestlers like Diesel, Shawn Michaels, Owen Hart, Yokozuna, Bret Hart, Undertaker, Luna Vachon, Bam Bam Bigelow, 1-2-3 Kid, Doink the Clown, Razor Ramon and Lex Luger. (32x version had Kwang as a hidden wrestler, while the GameGear version included Brian Addams aka Crush and Macho Man in the roster). This time around, Luna Vachon was also included as the only female wrestler in the acclaim's series. Before her, no other title had a female character to choose. 

The game featured a grapple system, in which one of the six available keys locked the opponent and you in a grapple, in which you mindlessly mashed the button to gain the upperhand (represented by a bar) once the bar filled up on the player's side, you can perform one of the six moves from your moveset. The wrestlers also featured their own signature moves like Jacknife, Tombstone Piledriver, sharpshooter, etc. While the real moves were included as the actual part of the game, the game also featured exaggerated moves, which were dubbed "Mega-Moves". These moves are actually really hard to perform (Due to the fact certain keys used to execute these moves can cause your character to attack the opponent.) these moves were really hilarious, like Owen Hart spinning out of control like a top, or Diesel throwing his opponent 30 feet in the sky. These moves, as mentioned before were extremely hard to perform. You'll most of the time end up performing a choke or eye gouge on the opponent instead. 

I think the only reason the people disliked it was that because you had to constantly mash a certain button in order to execute the move. I agree that it wore off your fingers, but c'mon what were y'all from the 90s, babies? I myself finished a whole tournament without my fingers getting tired. So I really don't know what was people's problem back then.

Though, it never really got the popularity it should've gained, but it still has it's own legacy. You can try it out by yourself and you'll know what I mean.
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