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Watched the new Mortal Kombat movie

A Blog Post for GameBanana

Just watched the new movie, Mortal Kombat Legends - Revenge of Scorpion that came out this April.

I cannot say more, other than that I'm quite stunned at what Warner Bros. have managed to do. It's been ages since there's been a good Mortal Kombat animated movie, or any MK movie in particular. This one doesn't disappoints at all!

Do not read ahead if you didn't watched the movie yourself

Okay, the most common disappointment with Mortal Kombat movies is the absolute lack of gore. Mortal Kombat 1, annihilation or the worse one, the notorious Journey begins, has absolutely no gore. No fatalities, no nothing. This movie doesn't disappoints in that fact. I mean, the simplest way to kill a person turns into a fatality in this movie. I especially liked how WB had the balls to depict the murder of a minor (Scorpion's son) at the hands of Quan Chi.

The animation was really well done. Character design, as well as the animation reminded heavily of Avatar or Legend of Korra. The animation was really similar. The only problem that I saw that everyone had these weird shadows around their cheeks and knuckles. In fact, I first actually thought they were wearing something over their hands, or had something drawn over their cheeks or something.

The only thing that I felt the movie kinda disappoints in is how short the tournament actually was. Johnny Cage and Baraka didn't even had a fight together; it was simply a chase through a collapsing tower. 

          From Johnny Cage, I remember, while they did made his personality spot on, he had little to no fight scenes or almost none of his moves are displayed. No shadow kicks, no power orbs, no Shadow uppercut, etc. The only move he actually did was his Nut-Cracker move (After taking two or three himself at the hands of Sonya). Kitana also had the shortest screen time. She had a fight with Kang, that's all. She was never even mentioned again. Jax (surprisingly) also makes an appearance, although I feel heavily that he shouldn't had to be featured in the tournament himself.

Jokes in the movie were really great alongside with many references. Johnny mentions Tom Cruise, as well as making a handful references to Van Damme.

In the end, the movie was about 95% faithful to the first game's storyline. It almost captured each and single aspect of the storyline from the original. Viewers can also see how much the original game burrowed from Van Damme's "Bloodsport", but the movie actually resembled Bruce Lee's "Enter the Dragon" more. Arriving in a ship, a tournament on a island, a feast before the initiation of the tournament, Kitana helping Kang, all brought the fond visions of Enter the Dragon.

The movie is really a well done job. If you haven't seen it (this is to those people who read this despite my warning of spoilers) you should see it. It's a really well done piece of art.
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    dumpy Joined 14d ago
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    omg, the best game:)
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    You are right, the animated MK movies were not so good until now, not to mention the life action of MK annihilation, Scorpion's revenge is one of the best I have seen so far
    Merc with a Mouth
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