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Section Update 2020-04-19 - A Blog Post for Half-Life 2.

Recent Section Updates

Welcome to the New Era

As some of you may have noticed, I somewhat recently became your local section manager and started doing some long-overdue housecleaning around here.

Recent changes include the merge of the Episode One & Episode Two sections, mass-cleanups & sorting of categories & submissions, and general minor tweaks to old submissions to fix formatting & minor errors based on them just being old as hell. You've probably gotten your fair share of notifications about me editing your shit, and while I apologize for the notifications, it's certainly better than me withholding it. I don't mind doing the legwork & getting my hands dirty.

Some recent changes:
  • Merge of Episode One & Episode Two sections to HL2 section
  • Creation of Skins/Map Props/Trains category
  • Creation of Skins/Map Props/Vehicles category
  • Creation of Skins/Vehicles supercategory, and movement of Airboat, Scout Car, and Muscle Car under it
  • Creation of Skin/Weapons/Alyx' Gun category
  • Creation of Skin/Weapons/Annabelle category
  • Creation of Skin/Weapons/Stun Baton category
  • Creation of Skins/NPCs & Enemies/Animals Category
  • Creation of Skins/NPCs & Enemies/APC category
  • Creation of Skins/NPCs & Enemies/Dropship category
  • Creation of Skins/NPCs & Enemies/Gunship category
  • Creation of Skins/NPCs & Enemies/Helicopter category
  • Creation of Skins/Characters/Fisherman category
  • Creation of Skins/Characters/Arne Magnusson category
  • Creation of Skins/Characters/D0G category
  • Creation of Skins/Characters/Uriah category
  • Creation of Skins/Items/Food Rations category
  • Rename of several categories to be more inclusive to similar submission types
  • Movement of multiple HL2-compatible submissions from the HL2DM category to the HL2 category
  • Addition of multiple attributes to help filter Episodic-required or Episodic-compatible submissions
  • Cleanup of multiple submissions to fix credits or broken HTML/formatting
  • Ongoing cleanup of maps section to help better organize submissions.
  • Movement of many non-replacement/unique prefabs & texture packs to the Source Engine section to provide better exposure for engine resources.
  • Movement of many multiplayer/deathmatch maps to their respective game sections.
  • New icon for the Skin/Weapons/Crossbow section
  • Synchronization of HL2, HL2DM, and MMod section names/icons
  • Merge of files that had multiple submissions of versions
  • Resubmission of files in the wrong sections

If you're still with me, here's what you need to know.

You'll find some new HL2 section-specific options under Technical/Attributes like such:

Here's a breakdown of what these mean:

Compatibility - games it's confirmed to work with. Use of these should be consider more of a confirmed working than a requirement. This is to allow both retroactive lack of confirmation on old submissions, and a qualifier to you as a submitter to allow you to tell people what it's confirmed to work with. MMod-specific submissions don't go here, remember...

  • Lost Coast
  • Episode One
  • Episode Two
  • HL2: Update
  • Online (HL2DM, Synergy, etc.)

Game Required - With the merger of the episodic sections to the main section, this is needed to specify which game your submission requires. If someone downloads an EP2 mod for the Muscle car, and complains about missing textures in HL2, tell them they didn't read the requirements. Everyone wins! Except the people who don't read, obviously.

  • Episode One - Requires EP1 (Zombines, Advisors, etc.)
  • Episode Two - Requires EP2 (Hurt Alyx, Muscle Car, etc.)
  • Lost Coast - Requires Lost Coast (Fisherman, Harpoon, etc.)
  • HL2: Update - Requires HL2U (Texture packs, etc.)

The Feedback Loop

I'm not an unreasonable force of nature. You're welcome to submit new ideas, suggestions, feedback, or criticism directly to me. Want a section cleaned up/renamed/added? Tell me. Don't like something? Tell me. I'm here to keep the place clean, not turn it into a totalitarian dictatorship like Dr. Breen.

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    Is there any way possible that you could add "Advisors" and "Stalker" under the "NPCs & Enemies" section?

    Thank you,
    -Person who made an account just for this thread.
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    Yeah, it never made sense to have HL2 related stuff split into 3 categories just because the game was made episodic. Usually everyone making mods for HL2 made sure it was Ep1&2 compatible anyway.

    Nice change!
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    If only I wasn't so lazy..
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    Thank you for everything man, this is great!
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    Reverend V92
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    I'm probably going to start moving things between the texture & skins section. The breakpoint I'm currently running off is if it's a world material, or a model material.

    Things like these belong in the texture section. Things like these belong in the skins section.
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    Hi, good job. I choked while I was reading.
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    hello there
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