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Cash to Ash, A Killing Floor 2 tale - A Blog Post for Killing Floor 2

A cautionary tale about the Steam Market if nothing else

Heres a little anecdote that I'm sure I share with at least a few.

Year was 2017 or 18. Can't remember. Was when I finally shelled out for a Gaming PC. Saw this game and saw the playerbase, 

the future seemed bright for the game. I never bought anything for any games I've ever played but KF2 always put a twinkle in my eye such that I decided to make it the one game I would buy "whatever I thought I might want" in terms of cosmetics and such.

So I began procuring a myriad of items that made me feel further immersed in this experience, while corny at best the squad based gameplay allured me, as did the gunplay. From my perspective at the time it seemed KF2 would live a long life like how TF2 is still mainstream today...

Eventually it became an obsession, to collect items of similarity. Gas masks, helmets, facemasks, mostly. 

A handful were in very high demand at the time, and consequently cost a pretty penny. I had money to burn at the time, so I figured "I'd rather have that than the money" and bought it anyway from the market. 
An example would be the German Gas Mask. I payed about 10 dollars for it, it was a rare item only 10 for sale in the world. Thinking the value would rise, I snagged it at the first opportunity. And eventually it did. Rose to about 15 dollars, in a few months. But I didn't sell it. THEN Tripwire added it to the in-game store for a price of $7.99.
 At the time of writing its currently going for less than 6 dollars and dropping. But thats only one of the more opportunistic items that still hold SOME value. 
Another one is a type of helmet, payed 5 dollars for it thought I was getting a bargain because everyone else up the line was selling for $12 and up. 
Long story short that helmet today is available for about 55 cents.

Most of those items are now worth less than a few dollars, and rapidly declining with the further declining playerbase, and a subsequently crashing market.
KF2's market was always ridiculous, prices bouncing like someone was reading them off a BINGO card, but they've never sunk this low to my knowledge. I'm sure someone will prove me wrong.

It was the Gary Busey christmas event. Everything seemed fine, everything was "going to plan" albeit some rumors that paid weapons were coming. I didn't think much of it considering a USB key to open a loot crate cost about $2.49, an entire outfit costing 4.99 they couldn't possibly want much for a gun....
Then we got a few "Quality of life" updates the next spring, that "fixed" a lot of things no one complained about until they changed them ---- subtle hinting that things kinda losing direction among the brass.

 Then one faithful halloween the following year, Grim Treatments dropped and Tripwire decided they would kill their golden goose and turn it into a cash cow instead. And by cash cow I don't mean sensibly as in a reasonable price with a quick turnover from mass purchases; they went 10 dollars for a single gun, whereas they'd only get a few bites and the rest of the community immediately shunned the devs in outrage.
It seems clear to assume that the money they get is going to developing the payware, whilst implementing readily-available community-made content in place of "new free content."

Updates continued to decline the quality of the game, especially the introduction of HRG weapons that are literally retextures of existing weapons coded to function differently, while the real new stuff has a price tag of 10 dollars. Each. I could care less at first about the weapon DLC, as it was something I could avoid, as the weapons didn't really outclass much already implemented; but these HRG weapons were just a middle finger in the face of "New content," marketted as if these things were being unveiled as premium quality free content, judging from the overly dramatic introductions of the main menu animated background.
But I digress, tremendously. 

Item values dropped as less people wanted to buy things.

Back when I bought a majority of the things I did, I did so in the face of "I could always resell it"

but not anymore. 

Frankly, it would cost me more to sell the items than to keep them.

And as such it would be a waste to just quit the game after all that;

It would cost me more to stop playing KF2 than it would be to break free.
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    I had been saying this exact thing (minus the "I'm gonna buy lots of stuff, but I can always resell them") since the early days of the in-game store, but more when they went to sell Mrs. Foster.

    The following is an excerpt from my review on Steam:
    Tripwire was quoted as saying there would be "zero paid DLC content" which they have since changed on their official FAQ page after I originally pointed it out.
    In addition to being a boring, grindy chore, they have the nerve to put in MICROTRANSACTIONS! In a almost blatant copy of Team Fotress 2 and Counter Strike: Global Offensive down to the "unusual effects," but this time on taunts and golden skins straight from Fortnite, which were copied from TF2. There's a reason TF2 is free now; why pay money in the game on microtransactions on top of the money you paid on buying the game?
    Yes, pay more for useless items after already forking over money for the game. It's not even good microtransactions, it's only cosmetics, weapon skins, and a shitty, self-centered, repetetive voiced Mrs. Foster pack at $9.99 which they gloriously  and almost religiously toted as their "first fully voiced" character. Oh, the other 9 characters already in there weren't fully voiced already? She should've been free for Digital Deluxe owners, like Mr. Foster, DJ Skully, Classic Briar and Masterson, and Tom Banner. 5 characters which are locked for non-DD owners."

    Yes, you read that right.
    At the time, I and a handful of others were saying "Hey, Trwipwire is doing the same thing they said they wouldn't do, and here you can see them say it on their own website." But after having raised more of a fuss about it, they actually removed that from their official FAQ page.

    The game is just an overly boring, repetitious chore with no real heart/no real satisfying payoff; grind for a while and YOU WIN! But what did you win? More XP and Dosh Vault dosh! But wait, you've already maxed out your XP, but you can keep the Vault dosh that's even more worthless than the items you get there!

    Speaking of the Vault, some no-life actually had the nerve to go on the Discussions and beg Tripwire to increase the total cap for the Vault because he played every single day and actually maxed out the Vault. I'm not even joking. He begged and pleaded a few times for them to increase the Vault cap.

    Excerpt from my review:
    The Dosh Vault is just so players can flex nuts(wallets) with "I waste my life playing hours every day to get 9 billion Vault Dosh" (actual pharaphrase from someone) and get tons of cosmetics and weapon skins. All are pointless because they're not tradable, cannot be put on the Market, and generally crap.

    What's more, whenever you see the rare "Double Drop Rate" events, it's also horrible. By default, IIRC, the drop rate is once every 8 hours. So double drop rate would be once every 4 hours. I'm not joking. In TF2, you can get pretty much 10 items in an hour.

    "KF2 is harder than KF1" is what many used to say.
    Another excerpt from my review:
    All the KF2 apologists will fight tooth and nail saying how KF2 is "harder than KF1"
    The fact that I, as a berserker, carried my entire dead team on a Hell on Earth Endless match at wave 26 with 100+ Zeds left, while someone on the team exclaimed "carry god" as I just tore through every Fleshpound, Scrake, and everything with a katana shows that KF2 is easier than KF1. I joined a Hell on Earth round in KF1 just for old time's sake, and my squad was wiped out on wave 7, AS A BERSERKER, apples to apples.
    KF2 has perk skills and higher damage boosts thanks to those perk skills AND weapon upgrades.
    KF1 just has you and your own wit.

    The last and only thing I actually bought within KF2 was Gary Busey's Bad Santa character. Why? Because Gary Busey will always be cool.

    I could go on forever about how much KF2 is a soulless cash grab, but so much has changed since my original Steam review, so I don't know how much worse it has gotten.

    If you look in the reviews and discussions, you can see more and more people waking up and talking about this game's failures and just removing it entirely.
    A wonderful thing to see.
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