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Steam UI fizzling out - A Blog Post for Steam

Well I've been trying and trying to file a support ticket with Steam regarding blaring issues I'm having that render Steam nonfunctional in many cases throughout the day.

Only to be met with "There was a problem sending your request, please shrink any filesize or whatever"
when the attached file was shrunk into a 800p jpeg and only 17KB...
Even tried sending it without the attachment got the same thing.
So with no where else to send it I figure here is as good as any place where it will probably be read by 1 more person than it would if I sent it to Steam Support.

This isn't exactly about steam crashing, but rather becoming unresponsive and functionally becoming inoperable prompting frequent restarts, a section which is not provided.

Troubleshooting offers no answers for when the problem is with the software itself.

On behalf of the new UI that dropped a few months ago, let me say yes it looks good. 

But no it does not work good.

I have to constantly restart steam several times a day to access my library because steam is loading a bunch of stuff I don't care about and lots of icons I don't need to see.

Small mode is good in that it runs flawlessly. Runs as smooth as the old UI, but I can't access game announcments, events, update logs, or my mail. Switching back and forth constantly is a hassle I think should be unnessesary.

I'm sure this would work fairly well on a library with about 20-30 games tops, 

but I've got 335. Yes.

So when I want to simply launch a game I'm often met with this black screen that can only be resolved by relaunching steam. 

My internet is fairly weak, I'm on a tailend of a connection chain I get whats left after everyone upstream is done with it; I live in a rather remote county with a monopolized ISP. 

However I can assure you my system specs are more than enough than should be required to run Steam, at least prior to the UI update.

Steam often becomes unresponsive entirely except the top bar (Steam View Friends Games Help) where my only option is to use that to close steam and relaunch. 

The previous UI was fine, I've tried to adapt to this new one but its obvious it is simply a downgrade in performance.

You would make THOUSANDS of users very happy with a simple integrated option to revert to the "classic" UI (which is more or less current Small Mode with the the selected game info on the right side, you know the one I'm talking about)

I have contemplated trying to revert manually via a myriad of guides but from what I gather the problem with that method is I will have to repeat it every time steam client pushes an update.

I have been trying to send this for about 20 minutes now it keeps telling me there was a problem sending it but doesn't say why, it says to reduce the filesize of my attachments when the image I attached I've shrunk as far as I can but is 17kb really too big?

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    when it released i just noped and replaced the UI files with some old library files, i really hate it, does not load properly on my pc + its web based so a bad excuse to use surplus of internet.
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