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Hello dear bananites of The Baldi commuity!

So as things escalated around a week ago, low quality mods caused this section (and all games inspired by it) to be removed from the Banana's homepage. I understood your passion to this game and that you want it back to the homepage soon. But for doing that we're seeking your help moderating the contents released here till our new Game Managers get trained to moderate the section on their own.

I'll keep this short. Starting from today we want you guys to look at every new submission released to this section and every Baldi clone/inspired sections (android ver, Baldina, Cool Guy Teaches Math, Creepyface, etc..) and to flag any submission you find it low quality so we could set a proper guideline to separate low quality/spam submissions from the good ones.

By this we will be able to manage the section properly and to make it good enough to return to homepage/featured. But we won't succeed without everyone's help! 

Thank you, and have a very safe and productive day!
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    Can you be more descriptive of the criteria?
    Maybe give an example of a high quality mod and low quality one to see the difference.

    Sorry just the game itself looks like a shitpost low quality joke game, and it looks like that whether its modded or not.

    Post-Stamp EDIT: yeah im sorry but thats the reality, the developer literally put no more than 1 day into making this,
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    Guess it's time for my low-quality mod hunt
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    I may or may not exist
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    i wanna be a SSME manager!
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