So... Cake day

A Blog Post for GameBanana

Does this mean I'm old?

Got a notifcation saying I unlocked a stamp for cake day, I forget what that means.

I assume its the anniversary that I joined? 

I guess I'm suppose to say something in commemoration. Hell, why not.

When I joined it looked pretty much like maybe any 2005 website basic and simple, half the 'buttons' were still HTML links, it was FPSBanana at the time, I think I joined right after the CSBANANA namechange, I'm not sure.

FPSBanana quickly became my general idea of a major hub for mods, of any game you could possibly mod -- of course it had no where near the selection there is today. You could find the latest of everything and everything was always kept up to date here. This felt like THE place to be for modding. Still is of course. Virus free to boot.

I remember the gamebanana changeover because one morning I went to check my messages and I got a webpage error that the address on my Google Chrome bookmark did not exist, so I searched around and found out the name change. I thought the site got shut down at first so that was a relief.

Shortly thereafter I think was when I first learned enough about Source Engine to mod textures for it. Of course I had no clue at the time where to get "templates" as in the default textures.... so what I did was download existing mods and modify them. Never submitted any of those of course. Looking back that sounds silly. But then again I never read many tutorials in my life, usually figure things out by tinkering with them. Everything I ever learned about Source was through playing HL2, GMod and etc, playing around with the console, the game files and memorizing what changed what.
All that tinkering and modding really payed off the day Source Filmmaker debuted in 2012, I was already a walking dictionary for the engine. Even so, theres so much I still do not know yet. 

Back then being a naive snotnosed insecure teen I thought I had to make a name for myself or something, state a brand or some nonsense. So I started devoting effort to some Konata themed mods. Most are gone now, and I'm tempted to burn the rest; they're embarrassing compared to what I'm capable of ---- and care about --- now. But I'm also a sentimental old bastard.

The forums here became a proving ground over the many years however. Got into some fights, made some enemies, made many mistakes, made some friends. At the age I felt the entire world was out to get me so I took a defensive standpoint on everything and everything got dramatic. I have to blame schooling for that, I was that quiet kid no one wanted to talk to and the same kid everyone thought was gonna blow up the school one day.

In the end I learned alot, checked and changed my etiquette, and now-a-days just try to keep head on. Most important thing I ever learned about the world online is... when you argue online, you're both just making a fool of yourself; no one wins and everyones staring. State your business in as few words as possible that can ensure clarity then walk away ---- don't fight for the last word.

In terms of modding, GB has shown me that the most useful feature this site has to offer is not the sharing of mods but the forums which connect the modders together and share the knowledge that allows others to learn from and continue after they've retired from modding. That combined of course with the prompt moderation teams preventing mayhem and chaos of trolls and harassment you seem to get everywhere else online. The dedication and closeness of the moderation and administration team is what makes me feel proud to call myself a Bananite. There's no virtually chain of command, I can shoot a message to tom, the site owner, and actually get a response, sometimes within the hour. "Hey, we're not that different after all"

One other important thing that I learned is I have a strange tendency to ramble. Half the time not even knowing what I'm talking about; I wonder if this is one of those times.
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    Happy cake day buddy!
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    I hate point farmers.
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    A bit belated, but happy cake day!
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    Thar be snow.
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    I hate reading, but Happy Cake Day...!!
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    test 1 2 3
    Congratulations! :)
    testing 1234 222
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